Emotional Intelligence Workshop at Isha Vidhya School

Immersive Emotional Intelligence workshop to Foster Emotional Awareness, Emotional Balance and Resilience for Students of Class 12 Isha Vidhya School, Cuddalore

Key Aspects of Emotional Intelligence Addressed

Fear of Future and Insecurity 

Fear of Subjects and Hard Words 

Ability to Overcome distractions due to Family and Social Situations

Avoiding Social Media Distractions and Distractions from Friends

Goal of the Workshop

Bring about more internal Discipline

Identify, Process and Release deeply held emotions common in Adolescent age groups 

Bring about awareness of Goal setting, goal achievement, developing positive habits, protecting oneself from distractions

Develop a healthy bonding with friends, teachers, and parents

Overcome fear and insecurity

Reality Unfolds in a Sociodrama Process

Reality Unfolds in a Sociodrama Process

What was shared as real Challenges?

More than 95% of Students have the inclination to study but were not able to apply themselves to the process of studying

They were aware that the future would be insecure if they do not focus and develop, but they were helpless when distractions, diversions come up in various forms. 

"My friends are playing video games and watching television and series. I feel left out when i Do not"

"When the subject I study becomes difficult to understand, I get diverted the most. I move to playing or engaging in social media"

" My parents watch television while they ask to study. I feel that they are happy while I have to undergo this pain of studying'

'The noise from the television is high. So I end up watching television"

" Parents argue too much. The situation at home makes it too hard to study"


Immersive Experience of Real Life Situations using Drama and Theatre Approach

Experiencing Cognitive Frameworks for releasing deeper emotions with awareness

Rewiring the Brain and Mind with Meditative Processes suitable for Children of that age group

Meditative Practice Training for Focus and Mind Power

Reprogram for the New

Hand Crafted Gift From Students

Hand Crafted Gift From Students