Stress Relief with Hypnotherapy 

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Insomnia, etc. have their roots in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy integrated with NLP, Body work can help you live a stress and anxiety free life 

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Common Reasons to choose Self-Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

How to Succeed in life with Hypnotherapy

Integrated Hypnosis helps you to enhance your health, wealth, success and Joy in relationships by helping you to release yourself from past entanglements and develop new patterns in the subconscious mind.

How to overcome Stress and Anxiety

How to overcome fear-phobia, how to overcome anxiety are very common questions. Integrated Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis helps you release unconscious stress, Fear, Causes of Panic and Anxiety in the system.

Hypnosis for weight loss

Though stress eating-binging is a well known cause, Obesity is not necessarily a overeating problem. It has to do with metabolism and many other factors. If you are looking for weight loss hypnosis near me, contact us of holistic solutions

Hypnosis for Sleep

Restful sleep can energize, heal and re-vitalize. Yet when the unconscious is stressed, anxious, and fearful sleep gets affected. Self Hypnosis integrated with breath-body work will help you have a restful sleep. Contact us now. 


 Self - Hypnosis, Integrated Hypnotherapy at Tranzend  Garbhaham

Integrative Approach

  • Hypnotherapy based on Yogic tools and processes
  • Integrated Mind-Energy-Body based approach
  • Safe and Effective

Deep Healing with Conscious Transformation

  • Conscious Goal setting
  • Deep healing process
  • Integrated with Life-Goals

Practices for Lasting Results

  • Support System for follow up
  • Regular Practice plan for sustaining Results
  • Transformation that lasts

Hypnotherapist - Hypnotherapy

Can help you and teach use the power of hypnosis intelligently to reprogram your subconscious mind positively. Hypnosis is a state of mind where the calm state of mind is accessed. The vibrations are slowed down. This state can be used to heal. You consciously enter into a hypnotic state when you practice yoga right. Meditation and pranayama also lead to hypnotic states of mind. Yoga Nidra is a practice where the mind is gradually calmed down. Hence Hypnosis is a safe tool to heal deeper challenges related to the mind and body.

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy

What exactly is Past Life Regression?

How is Hypnotherapy related to Past Life Regression?

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I am Saravanan. I have more than 15 years experience in facilitating clients achieve success, happiness, and joy by helping them overcome self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, negative thought patterns that lead to anxiety and stress.  I can help you find inner strength and create positive patterns by integrating hypnosis with neuro-linguistic programing tools.

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