holistic complementary therapies  Parkinson's, dementia

The holistic approach to Parkinson's Disease Treatment for Parkinsonism, commonly known as Parkinson's Disease includes crystal healing, Hypnotherapy that uses Regression, and Yoga therapy aimed at managing the energetic, mental & Physical body

Complimentary therapeutic tools for Parkinson's - Quantum Healing

Crystal Healing


Yoga Therapy

Proven Clinical Benefits of Holistic Approaches using Hypnosis, Yoga, and Energy healing

Self Empowerment & Motivation

Reduced Fear, Anxiety

Improves Balance, Coordination

Inner Calm and Peace

Improves Sleep Quality

Improves motor Functioning

Cause of Parkinson's

Stress damages Dopamine Cells. Reduction in dopamine levels leads to Parkinson's symptoms. Once affected the disease progresses causing more stress. 

Role of Active Complementary Therapies

Medical management is substituting natural dopamine with tablets and then deep brain Stimulation. Both have their limitations as doses cannot be increased beyond a certain level.

Second both the above methods work to reduce symptoms, while the root cause of the challenge 'stress', both conscious and unconscious is not addressed. 

When it comes to stress reduction most patients resort to self-help tools like reading, listening to music, watching movies, etc., which may have a passive effect. 

When Stress is one of the key reasons for the disease, active stress reduction and natural ways to change the internal chemistry can bring about significant improvement.

Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis, and Yoga therapy are active ways to reduce stress. International Studies with Yoga Therapy and Hypnotherapy show a significant reduction of symptoms and improvement in quality of life.

Role of Hypnosis in Parkinson's - NCBI Study Results - National Institute of Health 

94% reduction in rest tremors (Actigraphy was used to test tremors) after three weekly interventions using Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis

The subject also reported a reduction of anxiety, depression, pain, and stiffness; improved sleep quality, libido, and quality of life. 

Link to the Study results reported in the National Institute of Health

Elkins, G., Sliwinski, J., Bowers, J., & Encarnacion, E. (2013). FEASIBILITY OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS FOR THE TREATMENT OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE: A CASE-STUDY. The International journal of clinical and experimental hypnosis, 61(2), 172. https://doi.org/10.1080/00207144.2013.753829

Effect of Yoga Therapy - Study Results - Improves Quality of Life

National Institute of Healthy, NCBI - Link to the Report

Improves Motor Function

Improves Balance and Mobility

Reduces Anxiety and Depression.

Parkinson's care


Life - Business - Wellness Coach

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Past Life Regression Therapist 

Yoga Therapist 

Crystal and Energy Healer 

Specialized in Parapsychology and Metaphysical processes

Integrative Approach with Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, and Energy Healing ( Crystal Healing).


Hypnotherapy Sessions are guided hypnosis sessions where key stressful - Traumatic moments buried - repressed in the unconscious mind are relived in a hypnotic state. Then one can strengthen the balance with self-hypnosis tools

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an energetic healing modality. We use crystals to cleanse and then bring about balance and alignment in the system. This then has an effect on the mind and body. If one does follow up practices six sessions should be sufficient if not more sessions would be required

Yoga Therapy

The goal of Yoga therapy is to keep the energy system balanced and active to enhance the internal healing process. This is different from routine yoga Practice. Yoga therapy is personalized. Physiotherapy is different from Yoga because in yoga with work with the mind and energy centers.

Summary of the Holistic Healing approach in Parkinson's, Dementia

1.       Work with the Pranic energy or the Qi energy using crystals

2.       Train you to access the healing vibrational states of mind and sustain there for extended periods

3.       Work through certain core emotional and energetic entanglements to accelerate the process of healing

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