Mantra Chanting and Meditation Program 

I invite you to the program this Thursday, June 10th, 6.30-7.30 PM, No Prescribed Fees

AMMAVASYA (NO-MOON DAY) and POURNAMI (FULL MOON DAY) offer opportunity to harmonize and bring about balance in life using spiritual processes

Mantra is Sound Structure with Mystical Energy - Swami Sivananda

I do not know Sanskrit - What do I do?

Not to worry. When you register you will have access to LMS. We have recorded chanting videos, intended to guide you. We also have photocopies of Sanskrit Chants Transliterated in English. This will be a solution.

You can experience the full benefits if can learn in advance and prepare yourself for the chanting and meditation session.

This will help you during the program

It is not mandatory to learn. Yet we advise you to do so to get the full benefits of the program

Mantras - Heal and Transform.

Mantras create a vibration with a specific sound structure that can help to open up to higher levels of consciousness

Who can participate and learn?

Students - Young Adults

  • Improves memory, Concentration
  • Focus for long hours
  • Reduce Distraction
  • Improves Flexibility, Immunity
  • Regulate Energy and Pranic Flow
  • Conscious Living
  • improve performance in academics and career growth

Adults & Elders

  • Healing Chants - stabilize emotions
  • Increases Perception and ability to focus with clarity
  • Decisive, Decision-making skills
  • Natural way to enhance physical and emotional health
  • Natural breath work enhances respiratory health

Spiritual Aspirants

  • Natural settling of inner discipline
  • Unconditional surrender
  • Supports regulation and Channeling of unconscious 
  • Prepares body and mind for spiritual progress
  • Progressive practice for an organized mind

Benefits of Mantra Chanting 


Mantra is mystical energy encased in a sound structure - Swami Sivananda. Mantras powers one up to transcend

Meditative Practices

Meditation happens as a result of guided preparation of the body, mind, energy with sound


Initiates you to powerful practices that help develop a connection with your true inner nature

Access Inner Balance

Mind is a state of existence. A constant state of Flux is one of its nature. Internalized mantras, chanted verbally and mentally, anywhere, helps to access inner balance, focus and clarity in any situation.

Find inner confidence

Develop inner calmness with confidence, command and control over voice, voice modulation that helps you speak up with confidence. Develops principled Power with balance, poise and responsibility. 

Inner Power

Natural way to strengthen muscles of the throat and respiratory system. The breath work naturally builds immunity and internal power. Inner calmness and stillness experienced during and after practice, translates into an inner resilience

Magic of Mantras

Mantras are verbal expressions of the experiences of sages. Kept secret for various reasons, now with the guidance of masters we can learn to chant and experience the magical transformation they create in each of us.


365 Meditation Lessons of the Mystical Masters + 30 Guided Video Lessons

A.K.Saravanan - Program Facilitator

Certified to Teach Yoga, RYT 500, QCI Govt of India- Level 2  

Trained in Tradition of Swami Sivananda and Sri Krishnamacharya.

MS Yoga, Sivananda Forest Academy, Canada.

10 plus years of experience of in facilitating personal and professional transformation in Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

Seamlessly integrates psychological tools with the timeless wisdom of Ancient Indian principles for personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth.

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This Ammanasya you can offer yourself to the divine