online yoga classes DUBAI

for health & wellness 

Five Days a week

Live Yoga Streaming - Yoga Zoom Classes

Learn, Practice Classical Vinyasa Hatha Yoga 

Online Yoga Classes Dubai

Different Goal Each Day to Touch every Layer of your Being

Strength, Vitality, Flexibility, Cleansing - The First two Days of a week

Balance, Mindfulness, Integration with Mantras  - Third Day of the week

Internal Cleansing and Restoration - Fourth Day of the week

Deep Healing with advanced integrative Meditative Practices - Fifth Day of the week.

INR 1950/ Month - USD 39/Month

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga - Pranayama - Dhyana

 Learn Yoga - Beginner to Mid-Level Practitioners

Personal Onboarding
Know Your Goals

Three Batches*
5.30-6.30 AM & 9.30-10.30AM 4.00PM-5.00PM  Dubai Time

Live Yoga Streaming
Yoga Zoom Classes

Guided Yoga Sessions with Meditation, Pranayama, Integrated with Mantras

Five Days a Week

Student Speak!

I experience muscle strength and Flexibility. The integration with Pranayama and Mantra chanting is wonderful. Trained Experienced Instructors.

Diepti Metha

Individual focus in a group class helps develop a deep connection within. Happy to choose Garbhaham yoga. The best yoga classes online.


Though I have been learning yoga for quite some years. Learning with Saravanan has been different. Understood the essence of Yoga and Meditation

Swapna Nair

Classical Vinyasa Hatha Yoga made Interesting - Intense - Deep

Best Online Yoga for Beginners. Progress to Advanced Level Yoga Practices after three to four months of regular practice.

Learn Yoga Live Stream 

Plans to Choose From

Twice a Week

8 Sessions a Month

 INR 1199/ Month

USD 24/-

Thrice a Week

12 Sessions a Month

INR 1490/Month

USD - 29/-

Five Days a Week

Minimum 20+ Sessions/ Month

INR 1950/Month

USD - 39/-

Guided Yoga Online - Call for more Details - +91-8754480667

3 Reasons to Join Live Yoga Online Classes

Regular Consistent Practice

Saves Time, Practice from the comfort of your home, Yoga Learning Made easy

Practice with Guidance 

Certified Yoga Practitioners can guide your practice, Improves Practice quality

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Regular Yoga Practice Revitalizes the whole of your being. Body - Mind - Energy 

Best Yoga Classes for Beginners - Students Speak

Friendly yet professional. I feel the immense benefits of chanting integrated with good yoga practice as the meanings and the learnings are explained in detail. I admire their depth of knowledge in the subject and their initiative to impart the same to their students. I feel blessed for having made the best choice of joining Garbhaham! - Moni Alluri 

Online Streaming Yoga Classes have brought regularity to my practice and schedule. I am more energetic. more focussed and less involved in the unnecessary chattering of the mind. I am calmer, pleasant, and emotionally balanced. One of the best Zoom Yoga Classes ' - Sakshi.

Learn Yoga Online with Live Yoga Classes - Yoga Streaming

 Get the benefits of regular Yoga Practice

Five Days of Yoga is designed to work at all layers of your being. Psychological - Emotional - Physical - Energy

Knowing How to Do Yoga is different from Doing Yoga Regularly - Yoga Learning made easy!

Certified Yoga Teachers

Trained in Swami Sivananda and Sri Krishnamacharya Traditions (KYM)

Ten Plus years of experience


MS Yoga, MS Psychology, B.Pharm

QCI Level - 2

RYT 500*


Kavita Karunakar

Certified to Teach Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Power Yoga

RYT 200*


Yoga Archarya, Yoga Vahini

Sri Krishnamacharya Tradition, 

RYT 500* (Eligible)

The Quickest way to Overcome Fear, Anxiety

Create the Positive State of Mind, Emotional Balance, Vibrance, and Vitality

Increase Positivity, Clarity, Confidence, Emotional Resilience

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Immunity

Daily practice Regimen, Brings out discipline; energize every organ and body part

I am regular to my Gym - So why should I join Yoga online Classes?

Gym exercises are totally different from Yoga that is practiced to strengthen internal organs, lung health, and immune response.

Muscle building and Aerobic - Cardiovascular exercises help to tone up the body and heart.

Yoga is more about the conscious body- Breath and Energy Movement which alters your body chemistry and neural infrastructure.

Most important after a certain amount of time, breathing quality in Gym reduces because breathing changes to anaerobic breathing.

Yoga is breath - Breath Leads yoga - Join and practice for 3 months to know the difference yoga makes in your life.

More than 15000 Hours of combined Teaching Experience. Certified  Practitioners, Therapists

Learn Classical Vinyasa Hatha Yoga blended with Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting

Progressive course plans to cleanse, energize and revitalize every organ of the body, every week

Yoga Online

60 Minutes a day - 20 Classes a month - @ less than INR 100 per class.

Regular Yoga Practice protects the body and organs from diseases, Strengthens the body, and helps one lead a more joyful and successful life

THREE BATCHES Sunday - Thursday Every Week

Master Your Breath, Let the self Be in Bliss, Contemplate on the Sublime within you"

Sri Krishnamacharya

Few know this Secret - Yoga is the Deepest form of Healing Healthy Body - Healthy Mind - 60 Minutes every day (SUN-THU)

Learn from Certified Teachers - Three Batches* 4.15 AM - 5.15 AM*, 9.30  AM - 10.30  PM, and 4.00-6.00  PM DUBAI TIME INR 1950/Month 

Transformative Good Yoga Online with experienced certified Yoga practitioners - Live Yoga Online Sessions Five days a week.

Yoga Online 

Trained and Certified to teach Yoga for Health and Wellness.

Over 15000 Hours of Combined Experience in Teaching Yoga 

Trained in Traditional (Sri Krishnamacharya Tradition, Swami Sivananda Tradition)  and Modern (Power Yoga, Pilates) Schools of Yoga

Why Online Yoga Live Classes? I will do yoga by myself!

Is it easy to follow a bland diet with salads or is it is easy to have spicy food?

Is it easy to meditate, read or is it easy to engage in talking, watching a movie, or engaging in endless digital media?

Is it easy to laze around and sleep or get up as planned at the right time?

Life-enhancing practices like yoga bring about a balance of emotions and not triggering of emotions. The Mind is calmed. Not activated. Hence it may be boring. Guided Yoga practice with modifications and variations, keeps you focussed. Brings consistency and regularity. Consistency brings about transformation.


Progressive Guided Meditation

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga

Best Online Yoga For Beginners


Advanced Pranayama Practices

Yoga for Obesity

Healthy and safe way to get back to Shape

There are many reasons for obesity. Stress-induced eating habits, Emotional imbalance, compulsive eating habits, poor basal metabolic rate, etc.

Yoga works at all layers - Energy, Mind, and Body

Online yoga brings in the discipline to do yoga at least five times a week.

Group work with proper guidance will help you get back to shape - Healthily.

It is a regular and right practice that will make a difference.

Join Online Yoga Today with the best Zoom Yoga Classes at Garbhaham.


Certified to Teach Yoga - QCI Govt of India

Trained under Swami Sivananda and Krishnamacharya Yoga Traditions

15 years Experience in facilitating Individuals & Groups

MS Psychology ( India)

Certified Regression & Hypnotherapist, Psychodrama Practioner

Integrative approach - Yoga - Psychology - Therapy

If You wonder, What is Yoga? 

Very few know that Yoga is the most ancient tool that can transform your mind, emotions, body, and energy; offered to mankind by the Venerable Ancient Sages

Yoga is the most sought-after tool by the most successful people in various fields. The top academicians, scientists, businessmen, Politicians, celebrities vouch for Yoga. 

Many think successful people make yoga a part of their lifestyle. Yet, the truth is the most successful and joyful people say that they are successful and Joyful because of regular Yoga practice. 

The best Yoga teacher is one who can help to integrate principles of yoga Practice seamlessly into every movement and breath. If you are looking for the best yoga teacher in India, you should choose teachers and practitioners from the best yoga schools.

Learn Yoga from Teachers who have been trained in the school established authentic leading Yogic Traditions of the world - Krishnamacharya Yoga Tradition and Swami Sivananda Tradition. 

Yoga - Five Days a Week

 Physical Fitness - Emotional Wellness

Spiritual Growth

Flexibility, Strength, Energize Movement - Flow


 Balance - Centering   Integrative Flow


Mindfulness - Meditative Cleansing - Deep Healing

Thur - Fri

Yoga, The Most Ancient Science for wellbeing and enhancing the quality of life. Learn it, as it is prescribed to be taught. 

Systematic Preparation, Progression, and advancement.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that can help you master your energy, mind, and body. You start Yoga as practice. Soon you realize that Yoga is a tool, a medium that elevates your consciousness.