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Key pointers and evidences to guide you to choose 

Yoga For Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief

Stress Reduction: A review published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that yoga interventions resulted in reduced levels of perceived stress and anxiety.

Overcome Insomnia and Improve Sleep quality: International Study in Sleep Journal, revealed that yoga positively impacted sleep efficiency, total sleep time, reduced insomnia severity and enhances natural melatonin production

Cortisol, Stress Hormone Regulation: Research published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy suggests that regular yoga practice can help regulate cortisol levels, leading to a decrease in stress and anxiety symptoms.

Improved Psychological Well-being: A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology demonstrated that participants who practiced yoga showed significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms compared to those who did not practice yoga.

Relaxation Response: Research published in the journal Medical Science Monitor found that yoga practices, such as deep breathing and meditation, elicited a relaxation response.

Mind-Body Connection: Mind-body connection has been shown to positively impact stress management. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that a 12-week yoga program reduced perceived stress and enhanced overall well-being in participants.

Why Choose us when it comes to Yoga for Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief?

I specialize in harnessing the transformative power of yoga to help you find peace, balance, and relief from the pressures of daily life since the last 12 years. Before you step onto your mat with us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and serenity I would like to you know more.

Hi, I am Sarvanan

I am Psychologist, Yoga Therapist and Hypnosis Coach. I specialize in integrating the power of Yoga with scientific psychological frameworks to help my students and clients get rid of stress, anxiety, fear, phobia, panic, OCD, etc. efficiently. 

Chat with us, and we will share how we can help you overcome emotional and psychological challenges naturally.

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Take the first step towards a stress-free life and experience the incredible benefits of yoga. 

Join us for Serenity and let our expert Yoga instructors guide you on a transformative journey towards peace, balance, and well-being.

We have three plans that you can choose from

Stress Relief & Anxiety Free Life Plan 1

Yoga for Emotional Wellness 5 Days a Week 

Pranayama and Meditation classes included in Yoga Sessions twice a week

Free Guided Meditation Practice - Recorded 

Free Yoga Nidra Practices - Recorded and Live

Stress Relief & Anxiety Free Life Plan 2

Everything Included under Plan 1

Exclusive Prana Vidhya Classes with Focus on Advanced Pranayama and Meditation 

Goals - Stress and Anxiety Relief, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Growth

For Those Who cannot Commit to time on Weekdays - Stress Free Life Plan

Weekend Prana Vidhya Classes - Pranayama and Meditation for Stress and Anxiety relief

Systematically prepare the body and mind for deep relaxed states - Ground for Emotional Wellness

Classes Happen 4 Sundays a month