Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy 

Workshop to Explore Your Unconscious mind with

 Altered states of Consciousness

Three-Hour Hybrid Workshop - Happening this Sunday, March 26th. 

2.30 PM - 5.30 PM


Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist Accredited by GHSC UK, Tasso Netherlands, European Association of Regression Therapists, 

Past Life Regression Academy, UK, Yoga Therapist 

12 Plus Years Experience Integrative approach with Spiritual Regression

Regression Therapy Workshop in a Hybrid Model 

Online, From Anywhere, and Offline at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Date: 26th March Time 2.30 PM - 5.30 PM


I am Saravanan.

Welcome to our Integrated Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop that will help you explore yourself using Altered States of Consciousness.

If you're interested in exploring your past lives, uncovering hidden memories and begin your journey of healing, transformation and spiritual growth, this workshop could be a right way to begin with.

Here in this workshop that can help you understand your current life challenges and gain insights into your personal journey.

You will also learn practices to enter and stay in trance for extended periods. This is important for advanced workshops on Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations etc.

I have been conducting personal sessions and group workshops using Hypnotic and Regression frameworks for more than 12 years now. I will guide you through the process in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. 

During the workshop, you will learn to take the preparatory practices that will help you take a guided journey through time and space in intensive future workshops, where you will explore your past lives and gain a better understanding of your journey.

Past life regression therapy and Family Constellation Processes are not a quick fix or a magic solution. It requires an open mind, patience, and a willingness to explore deep within yourself. 

This could be a great beginning to start your journey of inner exploration that has the potential to liberate.

The practices I teach here will lay the foundation to stay in altered states of consciousness for extended periods with guidance during which I will help you to help you uncover memories and experiences that may be holding you back or influencing your current life in some way.

This is could be an ideal workshop even if you are a beginner as the program design includes grounding meditative practices and rhythmic movement practices. The practices would lay the ground for deeper exploratory work that would help evolve with a better understanding of your Soul's journey.

Benefits of Learning to Access Altered States of Consciousness offers the following benefits:

  1. Healing: Helps to resolve emotional or psychological issues that are rooted in past life experiences. By bringing these experiences to consciousness, individuals can work through them and gain a deeper understanding of their current challenges.

  2. Increased self-awareness: Helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their behaviors, and their patterns. This increased self-awareness can lead to personal growth and transformation.

  3. Release of fears and phobias: Individuals may be able to release fears or phobias that are not based in their current life experiences but are instead linked to past life traumas.

  4. Spiritual growth: Past life regression therapy may help individuals connect with their spiritual selves and gain insight into their life purpose.

  5. Personal empowerment: By gaining insight into past life experiences, individuals may feel more empowered to make positive changes in their current life and take control of their destiny. 

Workshop on Past Life Regression, Family Constellation and Hypnotherapeutic Models using Altered States of Consciousness

3 Hours Duration will Include 

Theory of Exploring Altered States of Consciousness 

Preparatory meditations for accessing deeper states for Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy 

  • 1 Guided Session to initiate Energetic Cleansing of the System 
  • 1 Guided Session to "Enter into Trance state" 

Deep dive into the Science of Past Life Regression, Karma, Samskara patterns, and Birth - Death - Rebirth 

Approach to Disease from an Energetic and Yogic  framework and the healing framework

Introduction to Development of Patterns since Infancy, Attachment Patterns and their roles in decision making 

Science of Ancestry and Trans-generational Patterns: Exploration into patterns that run in your family.

Role of Integrated Approach for Deeper healing and transformation  

If you are attending online you may have to choose and be in an undisturbed space, keep your video on, have a resting couch or a yoga mat; and be available for the full workshop. 

Recording of the lectures would be shared for future reference 

Practices and theory of this workshop would be the foundation for advanced courses on Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, and Family Constellations.

 Hypnosis is a tool to create Altered States of consciousness to Access Past Lives, Key Childhood experiences for Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy: and also Ancestral Healing Processes like Family Constellations

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy are not tools to go back to the past but to become free of the past that interferes with the present

It is important to keep in mind that the goal of Past Life Regression is not to judge or develop opinions about memories that show up as there is no way one can prove that it is a past life memory scientifically. Spirituality begins where science ends. Past Life Regression is a subjective process

The goal of the process is to become free of the emotions - beliefs - thoughts entangled with certain past experiences that still keep interfering in the present. So Past Life regression is not going back to the past but becoming free of the past that interferes with the present

Since the work is with deeper karmic imprints beyond conscious awareness it would benefit if you are with an open mind with no specific outcome or goal. In a way, it is a type of surrendering to the deeper intelligence within you.

This workshop is not an alternative to any other form of intervention like counseling, therapy, or medical treatment offered by a medical practitioner. If you have any specific illness that you feel may interfere with the process, please consult your doctor before registering and attending.

This is a process that suits individuals who would like to participate in their own process of healing with a deeper understanding.