Welcome to Day 1 of the Stress Management course

What do we learn today

1. Guided Rejuvenating practice to be practiced daily that calms the system followed by a video lesson on Stressors

2. Define Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear 

3. What happens when you are stressed?

4. How important it is to address stress?

5. Identifying the Gap

Lesson 1 Introduction and worksheet

Assessment of my current reality

1. What is my current reality in the following areas of my life - Work, Finance, Relationships, Health, Social life.

Most of my students find it difficult to assess. So the use the following technique which you can also use.

Assess yourself on the following questions on a scale of 0-10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

How happy am I in my work?

How productive am I in my work? (Productivity means how much of my official time is spent on goal achievement?)

How stable and secure do I feel in my life?

How happy and enriching are my relationships? ( you can do this exclusive for your spouse, children, friends, office colleagues)

How will my life be if the current situation continues?

What change do I want in each of the above areas?

Can I have a visual image of the expected reality?

Life Programs - How we create and run it?

Whose Life am I copying? How original am I?

Who were your main or central caretakers when you were a child? (It could be your parents. members of your extended family, teachers, role models (People whom you admired as a child like actors, politicians etc))

Make of list of key behaviors that you copied from them as a child. As child we tend to imitate. Favorite teachers, favorite actions of parents etc. We would have copied.

Reflect on the thinking and thoughts behind those actions and behaviors. What thoughts