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Success with Happiness and Joy

A Brief Introduction on Succeeding with a happy internal state. The impact of Stress & Anxiety on our emotional, Physical, and Relationship Health

Initiation to a Yogic - NLP based process to create and sustain a happy, focussed internal state that will help to create a positive state with seven minutes of daily practice

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To Succeed with Happiness and Joy is an art

Success without happiness, joy makes life mechanical

Happiness and Joy without success is a result of instant gratification seeking habit that leads to more pain

Do you need a simple practice tool, that will help you create an internal state that can help you stay focussed and calm?

Learn to create, Sustain and enhance the State of joy and happiness. Seven minutes a day Practice Program

Wondering how to meet demands at office and home and achieve goals at both ends without compromise?

Facilitator : Saravanan

More than 12 years of Experience in facilitating clients achieve success by helping them identify and release from negative patterns; create healthy positive patterns to achieve consciously created goals.

Held Multiple roles in leading organizations like GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi over a period of 25 Years.

PGCBM - XLRI, Certified Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Yogic Sciences