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Identifying when you are feeling stressed is an important aspect that we ignore most of the time. It is unhealthy to burst out after accumulating stress for a period which later affects a lot of relationships in life. This happens unconsciously because we adopt patterns of releasing our stress by seeing the people around us from time to time. Falling towards addictive practices such as abuse, alcohol, smoking, overuse of social media, attention seeking, and procrastination are some of unhealthy practices. It’s time for you to become composed and not let yourself get influenced by any force that triggers your emotions that leads you to release your stress in an unhealthy way.
It is common for all of us to feel stressed in our day-to-day lives due to various problems. Finding a solution to help yourself in any given situation is the key to overcoming stress. One Approach which can be implemented in the most natural way in your own convenient time and place is the 15-minute rejuvenating practice to release stress and build internal calmness and peace.

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Rejuvenating Practice to Release Stress and Build Internal Calmness and Peace

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