vairaagya: vedantic Lessons and meditations



There comes a time in life when one is left with deeper questions! 

Who am I? 
Where did I come from? What could be the deeper purpose of life?
What will happen after I die? 

What is Karma? 

How to live a successful life that does not add more to the Karmic baggage? 

How to break the Karmic Cycle?

What happens after death? 

How does rebirth happen? 

What other dimensions exist and how to access them? 

What are the core aspects that determine spiritual growth?

Discover and Connect with your Deeper Self with a systematic study and Integration of Spiritual Lessons, One day at a time for 365 days.

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It's been one amazing journey reading your reflections on spiritual texts every day. I do not remember to have read us following any other topic/subscription as much I have followed yours. Kindly keep me posted on the next programs. Thanks once again

Karthik Jonnakadla, Bengaluru,

What you will get on subscribing?

Systematically curated Lessons that can progressively take you into the depths of spiritual psychology leaving you in a reflective mental space to apply and bring forth your own understanding that can dissolve the deeper questions

Lessons with practical application frameworks derived from Vedanta, Upanishads, The Gita for 365 Days - One Day at a time

12 Guided Mediation Videos with anytime anywhere access. The contexts are derived from the teachings of Vignan Bhairav Tantra and Vedanta.

'if only you knew who you are'...Swami Vivekananda

Learn and Imbibe the truth, one day at a time for 365 days

The Ancients delivered their teachings in coded language with meaning layered and secretly covered in a way that can talk to your deeper self

The core of the program has been to decode the secret and deliver it in a way that can be applied in real life with practical frameworks, today

Secrets of the Upanishads for success with internal peace in today's context

Why One Day at a time?

Learning ancient lessons for intellectual understanding is one way. Learning to integrate is another way. If you need to integrate reading the lessons, assimilating them every day will help you bring about inner change. Growth and Progress is systematic and Steady

Where will fear exist for the one who has known the truth - Sri Krishna, 

The Bhagavad Gita 

Get Rid of the Eternal Insecurity and Fear that Haunts even the Wisest 

Discover Personal Power

Vairaagya - The Secret to ride over the Samskaric Cycle

From One desire to the Next

From One Challenge to the next 

From One birth to the Next 

If you wonder when this seemingly endless cycle can end!

Few Know that Life begins when this cycle ends 

Master Vairaagya, The Secret Science of the Mind 

Lessons curated by

Sarvanan, Coach 

Life - Business - Wellness 

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Past Life Regression Therapist 

Yoga Therapist 

Crystal and Energy Healer 

Specialized in Parapsychology and Metaphysical processes

General Benefits of learning spiritual scriptures, meditations for inner mastery

Inner Alignment

You can get more clarity on conflicting thoughts and ideas about spiritual and practical life

Energy Mastery

Create and Hold high energy within your system; avoid unnecessary unconscious energy dissipation 

Thought Mastery

Generate thoughts after reflection as you need, rather than get entangled in thoughts that just arise


Unconscious competency to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life today.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional stability and protection in situations that can create emotional imbalance

Clarity and Focus

A Still mind sees what is without being unreasonably perturbed in challenging situations

One cannot Meditate - One can Consciously Slip into Meditation

Consciously prepare an inner state with regular guided practice through email 

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