Learn Self Hypnosis

The Ancient Art of Success, Joyful Relationships

 Wealth Creation

 Discover Deeper Meaning and Purpose 

Learn the art of Personal Transformation - Transform in Trance

21- Days Online Program - INR 930.00 / USD 16.00

The course captures the essence of coaching and training with  frameworks that has transformed lives of thousands of clients, students, by facilitating them create wealth in their career and businesses, build trusting - happy relationships.

Healthy and deep relationships with people who matter the most to you happen when you can relate well with your self

Conflicts, emotional upheavals, unresolved past relationships can interfere with current relationships.

This course can help you

Understand your own emotional patterns and the patterns that both you and your partner go through; and manage them effectively

Create positive states and healthy emotions;  Isolate and transform hidden, conflicting, overwhelming emotions hinder transparent communication

Realize the difference between love, obsession and possessiveness

Love Liberates 

Possessiveness and Obsession Suffocates 

Love Makes you Light and Free: Love Liberates

Possessiveness and Obsession are sticky and painful; imprisoning both

Integrated Self Hypnosis will help you learn

To get through unrealistic and unclear expectations that bring in unhappiness in any relationship; You can create more meaningful relationships

The art of understanding and managing different emotional states that you and your partner (child) may grow through; The foundations of relationships that work.

The ability to discriminate between states of love and obsession

Learn to create for yourself and your partner, your children enough space for movement, freedom and growth.

Integrated Self Hypnosis, is a Powerful tool to Overcome the Inner Unconscious Resistance to Change and Transformation

The best part of Self Hypnosis is that it is easy to learn and apply tools that can dissolve and help you overcome the unconscious inner resistance to change with the least amount of time and effort as compared to any other models

Healthy relationships makes life more beautiful, lighter, and joyful. 


Certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Regression

15 Plus Years of experience in facilitating Transformation and Change.

Over 1,00,000 Students, Clients

The whole of my work is dedicated to help you master tools that can to lead a richer and more abundant life. 

In the last 25 years of my working experience with groups, individuals in private and organizational settings; in Global Organizations like GE Heathcare, Novartis, Sanofi, I realized the following

  • Every individual has an inherent desire to contribute, grow and enhance the quality of life continuously.
  • While their exists a deep driving desire to transform and change, the inner resistance to change and transformation halts progress and growth. Most settle for compromised success. Success in one area of life compromising other areas
  • Unconscious Inner Resistance to change is the resistance that has to be dissolved and transformed with powerful yet simple tools.

What you will learn over a period of 21 days @ INR 930/ USD 16

  • Six different tools to access deep trance states of mind by yourself.
  • You will learn to use breath, mind and body more efficiently to achieve your goals
  • Practices that can help you be in deeply relaxed yet mindful and perceptive over long periods of time
  • Decode current challenges with frameworks that bring more clarity and awareness
  • Theory of the mind and How the mind works
  • Mind - Body - Emotion Connect
  • Practice Tools to create hypnotic states, working with the body, breath work for deepening hypnotic state
  • Conscious Goal Setting - Framing goals that are in alignment with the unconscious language
  • Tools to access the unconscious mind and planting well formed positive goals 
  • And Much More...Join Now

Hypnosis is a tool to explore and harness the powers of altered states of consciousness that helps you perceive and make choices that can build intimate healthy relationships

You cannot lose a golden ring in a dark room and search for it in another room that is well lit.

When the necessary intimacy does not happen reasonably healthily in a relationship then people search for intimacy and meaning by identifying themselves with many other sources; this creates workaholics, shopaholics, alcoholics, Social Media addicts and many more compulsive habits; Habits that can slowly consume.

Self hypnosis is tool to being the process of discovering, connecting and relating healthily and intimately with your own self. When you relate well with yourself, you can relate well with other. 

In other words your quality of relationship with people who are closely associated with you, could be directly related to the quality of relationship you have with yourself. 

Choose to learn the art of exploring deeper states of consciousness. This could be a stepping to toward discovering yourself. 


15 years experience in the field of exploring and harnessing altered states of consciousness for training, coaching and transformation. Certified in Hypnosis, NLP. Psychodrama, Family Constellations, Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TASSO), Past Life Regression Processes.


European Association of Regression Therapists - TASSO, Netherlands

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. UK.,- Accredited Practitioner

International Association of Group Processes, Switzerland

If you are planning for advanced Processes like Psychodrama, Regression, Family Constellations that can help you explore deeper states of consciousness for transformation and change - then self Hypnosis prepares you for that.

Do you know that learning to access and stay in altered states of consciousness is the fundamental skill that has to be mastered to learn from advanced healing and therapeutic processes like Psychodrama, Family Constellations, Past Life Regression, Etc.,! You may choose to learn Self Hypnosis Now