Do you wish to infuse more Understanding, Love, Joy & Happiness in your relationships?


Hi, My name is Sarvanan. I have 12 years experience in 

Holistic Relationship Counselling and Family Therapy...

I have qualifications in Psychology, Hypnosis, Management, Leadership Coaching, Pharmacy & Yoga.  You can contact me at +91-875440667.

What is this Free course about?

Here is what you will get from this 'Happy Relationships Course'

21 Free lessons on Relationship Skills building delivered to your inbox

A fully guided Restorative daily practice Program to Calm your Mind and Spirit 

Free access to the 'infinite possibilities' forum. Get regular guidance on enhancing your relationship skills.

The Course covers the following key aspects of inviting, and nurturing happy relationships 

  • Getting the Basics right: Where we are now and where do we intend to go

    What are attachments and recurring relationship patterns 

    How happy is my body : Love and Intimacy

    How to build Mutual trust and Mutual Respect

    Mastering emotions in a relationship: Managing Anger and disagreements 

    Role of Boundaries in boundaryless relationships. How to set them?

    Fundamentals of disagreeing, supporting, caring, forgiving…

  • Communication in relationships - How to express so your partner listens and listen so your partner expresses

  • Resolving and Moving Forward…

This Course has been derived from the principles of Relationship Counselling, Family Therapy and Family Counselling. This will help you discover deeper meaning in your relationships - Sarvanan, Holistic Life Relationships and Leadership Coach