All you need to know about how to reduce weight and overcome obesity: The happier, healthier, joyful, confident you!

Genes, Prenatal (intra womb experiences) Early life ( experiences you had when you were between 0-7 years old) influences, too much television could be the major causes of excess fat and obesity as per Harvard Medical School U.S.  Unconscious Stress, Undigested bottled up emotions are the major cause of most habits. behaviors that lead to obesity

Most people choose weight reduction programs based on gyms, burning calories or dieting, yet ,more than 90 percent are not successful - Do you know why?

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What Is inside the eBook? Key reasons for obesity

Why routine obesity or weight reduction programs fail?

What is Obesity? How stress causes obesity?

Why only diet plans and exercise do not have lasting effects?

How your genes impact your body fat and energy consumption?

How to reduce belly fat, easily? 

What is bariatric Surgery? What is the cost of Bariatric Surgery?

How Hypnotherapy can help you overcome emotional patterns related to obesity?

The obesity management program

To Reduce weight, Effects of Obesity you need to think beyond dieting and exercise. Most people also ask how to Reduce weight yet they look at reducing weight fast. Check out our Back to Shape, the 90 days integrated obesity - weight reduction program



Though many fail and lose hope it is not normal to be overweight with excess fat, muscle! Why you should you reduce weight Now! 

  • Though more than 20-30 percent of population is obese, it does not mean that it is normal.
  • Obesity and Excess Body fat are the major causes of hypertension, Diabetes, Hormonal Challenges, Menstruation Problems like Uterine Fibroids - Cysts, Insomnia, Neurological complications like stroke, arthritis, low immunity etc.
  • Obesity affects your daily work and movement as it leads to breathlessness, difficulty in walking and doing daily routine.
  • Obesity also can be the cause of low self esteem, confidence and other issues related to anxiety, depression that can affect your career, relationships and emotional wellness.

To root out obesity and reduce belly fat you should get rid of the root cause. There is an easy way

  • In fact more than 90% of aspirants who choose to diet and exercise to get rid of excess weight, get back to their old habits of consuming unhealthy food and improper fitness habits.
  • Stress, undigested emotions,  are most important cause of obesity.
  • Stress eating is so unconscious that people eat to overcome stress without knowing that they are not hungry
  • Know more about our integrated approach to overcome obesity now!

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