Psychotherapy & Psychological Counseling with  Psychologist, Psychotherapist @ Chennai

Sarvanan.A.K. - Certified MS Psychology, Certified Yoga Therapist, Hypnosis Coach, B.Pharm 15 Yrs Exp in Helping Clients Transform with Psychological, Mental Health and Wellness

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Psychotherapy and Mental Health Services Offered

People can face a lot of issue that could cause them seek a psychologist for  psychological counselling. We can help you face any of those concerns with with understanding, confidentiality, and respect. The most common concerns that we help people to address with an integrative approach could be the following:

Stress & Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Panic Disorder

Anger Management

Post Traumatic Stress

Confidence - Self Esteem Issues

Relationship issues

Safe Social Media and Gadget use

Poor Body Image, Eating Disorders

Parenting Challenges

Adolescent, Teen Counselling

Couple, Family Counseling

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We offer an integrative approach that includes Psychological Counselling, Energy Work, Therapeutic Yoga, Hypnosis 

after your full consent. 

We do not prescribe any medications.

Benefits of  working with our Psychologists for Counseling

Quicker Results as we include the body, mind and energy in the process of transformation

A three step process to identify the Root Cause, Release and Reprogram the mind

Energy Work and Deep work as required, if suitable

How we Help & Services offered

Psychological Counseling
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Regression and Hypnotherapy
NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programing
Family Therapy
Parenting Discussion, Training, Counseling
Adolescent, Teen and Student Stress Relief and Responsibility Development
Pre- Marital Counseling and Marriage Counseling
Couple Relationship Counseling
Person Centered Therapy

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