I am Sarvanan. I help you overcome psychological problems like OCD, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Emotional Issues before they affect your capacity to work, your relationships, and your health, and your doctor asks you to consume medicines 

If you are looking for a safe non-judgemental confidential place to Share, Express, and heal to create a newer version of yourself...then you could be in the right place.

More than 90% of our Clients feel empowered, and balanced, with a sense of direction and positivity toward moving forward in creating their new life

Do you know! 

Anxiety may make you feel constantly worried about being embarrassed or humiliated affecting the ability to interact with strangers or even known people like colleagues, bosses, and certain family members. Some people may experience blushing, sweating, and a trembling voice. 

Panic or Phobia are intense forms of fear and anxiety with more intense physical symptoms.

Stress can lead to a lack of focus and ability to concentrate, emotional - mood disturbances, affecting work life, family life, and health too.

Stress, Anxiety, OCD, Depression, etc., can lead to insomnia.

90% of diseases are caused by Stress, Anxiety, and other psychological Problems. Economic Loss due to reduced workhours, earning capability and health issues account to more that 3 trillion US Dollars every year, as per statistics. Taking charge of your emotional wellness is key to well-being of your financial health, physical health & family-life 

You deserve healthy happy life filled with postivity and Joy and we are here to help you get that...with the quickest possible methods.

With 12 years of experience in Psychological Counselling, I use a coaching model as the basis to help clients move forward, rather...

Dwell on the past. Dynamic Processes include Psychodrama, Constellation and also couch based counseling methods for Coaching, Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Adolescent Counselling, and Relationship Counselling 

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We also offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) to Overcome Psychological Problems like Anxiety, Panic, and Fear for suitable clients. You can know what is that by registering for the free tutorial now!

Take the Free Tutorial on the Complete Introduction to QHHT, a Holistic Process to overcome psychological problems naturally and get the life you want, now !

What is the fear that stops most people avoid or delay seeking help? 

Fear of exposing, and sharing personal life with unknown people.

Cost of counseling, How long will it take?

when it comes to meeting a psychiatrist the most common fear is taking medications for a lifetime and their side effects 

With more than 12 years of experience in counseling...

 ...we understand the deeper needs and fears of our clients. We offer a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential space for sharing, You can share what you are comfortable with.

...we offer a range of interactions from one-on-one counseling to transformative group processes that will not only reduce your cost and time but be many times more effective in bringing out change.

..I am a pharmacist trained in psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, coaching, and Yoga therapy. We do not prescribe medicines. For certain clients who need additional help, we have experienced Psychiatrists, Homeopathic doctors, and Ayurvedic Doctors.

...For those patients who have a need to come out of psychiatric medications, we work with Ayurvedic Doctors to help them achieve their goals. 

Why do we need holistic natural tools to become free of psychological problems?

If we go by the psychological problem definition, 

in psychological problems, the chemistry of the body ( Neuro Transmitters, Hormones) has undergone a change. 

In more simple terms, there are fewer hormones and neurotransmitters that can give happiness and good sleep. Happy chemistry is needed to give a good mood, confidence, self-esteem, and more focus to work.

If you ask me the causes of psychological disorders, I would classify them into two broad categories.

1. Long-term exposure to situations that triggered negativity, sadness, unhappiness, fear, and anger-causing experiences. for example repeated business or relationship failure, bad childhood or parenting experiences, long-term disease, and failure to succeed for a long time. 

Childhood experiences impact even during old age as the opinions and decisions made in childhood are powerful. 

2. One or two intense unexpected traumatic experiences also cause a deep impact and shift. Eg., severe financial loss, death of a loved one or separation - break-up - Divorce, etc. 

Such incidents also cause powerful negative chemical changes and belief changes.

What gets affected by Psychological disorders like OCD, Anxiety, Fear, etc? 

1. Energy body. The subtle energy body gets affected

2. Physical body: The physical nervous structures and certain organs get affected. The neurochemistry and hormone balance is also tended toward the negative

3. Mental Body: Compulsive thinking of negative thoughts and opinions keeps creating more and more complicated situations

In quantum Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, we work at all three levels to restore balance. to help you overcome Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Energetic Balance and Alignment

Quantum Healing tools 

Neural Chemistry Balance

Breath and Bodywork

Thought and Emotional mastery

Hypnosis, Counselling, Psychotherapy

We use the above processes systematically to achieve goals in the following areas


Couple Therapy

Family Therapy

Relationship Counselling

Psychological Counselling

Teenage Counselling

The benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy integrated with Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy with our trained Psychologists and Psychotherapists can help in many processes including

Focus on Bringing back love, intimacy, trust, Communication, Healthy Attachment Patterns

Couple Therapy

Restores Bonding among all family members, with constructive Problem Solving

Family Therapy

Focus on Behavioral Change, Help to make sense of feelings, habits and thoughts


Focus on Healthy Sleep quality, Stress Release, Relaxation, Cognitive Therapy


Focus on identifying core issues, Habits, time structure, Speaking up, assertiveness


Coping with symptoms of anxiety, Correct irrational thinking, Reduce Vulnerability


Understand Feelings, Release with Body work, Training for coping with symptoms

Panic - Phobia

Train to improve confidence, Self esteem, Optimistic to return to normal level of functioning


Work through Grief with understanding, stabilizing emotions



MS Psychology, MS Yogic Sciences, Certified in Hypnosis. Focusses on an integrative approach to regain emotional wellness.

15 Years of Experience in Coaching individuals, families, and groups for personal and professional Transformation

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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, California Hypnosis Institute.

Experienced in One - on - One Counselling, Family Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Family therapy

+91 - 7305971661

In our 12 years of experience in helping clients and students overcome psychological challenges using a holistic integrated approach to emotional wellness, we realize that people's delay in seeking help for relief from psychological challenges are due to few or most of the following reasons: 

A. Fear of sharing experiences, 

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to get help from a psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist

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