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Becoming New becomes easy when you bring the body into the process. Yes, Your body keeps the score. Your Body has within it all the experiences you have undergone since infancy. These memories impact every moment, and every decision you make. You can become new when you gain mastery over your memories and emotions.

Emotional Freedom and Resilience

Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Mastery over Mind and Thoughts

Whose Life are you living?

If you observe yourself closely, you may find that you would have copied many thinking patterns, and behaviors from your parents, caretakers, close friends, your favorite movie stars, teachers, etc.,  since when you were a child.

You may also find yourself doing certain things the way you did as a child. 

What you are now is a result of these stored patterns and experiences which influence you from within.

If you seek to change and become new, you may have to gain mastery over this past memory that influences you energetically and emotionally.

Mastery over thoughts is fundamental for spiritual growth, career growth, relationship growth, etc.

As long as unconscious thoughts, emotions, and energetic movements direct life, Life will be a repetition of the Past. Situations could be different, giving you an illusion of a new beginning or a new happening but your responses and opinions may eventually be the same

Many think that thoughts can be changed by thinking or by affirmations alone. The truth is Thoughts travel Faster than light. 

Light Travels at 186,000 miles per second.

Usually, we have 80-100 thoughts per minute. When one is anxious the number of thoughts goes up to even 120-150 per minute. 

To become free from past emotions and thoughts by thinking, contemplating, reading, or seeking advice may be a difficult and time-consuming process.

It may even be more difficult to become free of the past with holidays and by changing relationships. 

Puppetry! You are not dancing to a tune of your choice. Strings are held by the past and you can become free!

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Children can be richer and more educationally qualified than their parents. But they cannot be happier than them...unless they can override the unconscious program that runs their life. 

Your fundamental physical and psychological material has been derived from your parents. So you carry the thinking of your parents and also your grandparents.

Hardly do parents wish that their children be less happy than them. 

If fact most parents sacrifice it all for their children. Even after a certain point of time, when they lose purpose and determination to live, they still develop an interest to live so their children are happy. 

Yet existentially wishes like, ' Let the suffering end with me, At least you be happy' does not work.

This is because the mind imitates and copies. The mind copies the emotional being of parents. The mind succumbs to the deepest fears of the parents. Parents are thus powerful by nature. You carry your parents and ancestors within your body. You need consistent work that involves the body, mind, and energies to bring out this change.

Water, Wine, or Fuel: whatever fills this vessel can take the shape of this vessel only.                    Whatever the situation is, the unconscious filters could be the same. However hard you try you may not be able to change the core patterns that control life without deeper work.        

As told before, your body is the fundamental repository of your past. The core of the subconscious mind manifests primarily in the body. That is why core transformation begins and ends with the body.

Welcome to Integrated Psychodrama and Family Constellation with Rhythmic Body, Breath, and Movement work

The three-step process:

1. Initiate an action-based process using the acting out, drama, and Theatre Framework to release emotional entanglements and rewire the internality.

2. Reflective framework to integrate learning into daily life to make conscious change happen

3. Learn a simple body-breath-movement process to bring about energetic integration with physicality.

Still, Wondering? Find out by yourself

 Most women above the age of 60 have distinct features of their mom and most men above the age of 60 have many distinct features that resemble their dad.

Let me tell you these physical features do not sit there passively. They have been influencing all decisions and opinion-making throughout.

Parents wish that their children live a more joyful and happier life. If you also wish so, then deep work would be needed. 

A clear example is a lifestyle disease. If your parents have diabetes you have a higher chance of developing that. The reason is not necessarily genes. Because if it was so your forefather and his forefather should have had the disease. But that was not so. 
We have copied the thinking, belief, and opinion-making patterns of our parents. The more the generations pass by, the more restrictive the patterns have become. This is one reason why today's lifestyle diseases and autoimmune diseases are on the rise.

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February 26th 2023 

Sunday 2 PM- 7 PM 

12 Seats 

Fees: INR 2000 Inclusive of Taxes 

Venue: Tiruvanmiyur. Address and location would be shared on registration


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