Planetary Healing Workshop

A Quantum Healing Approach to Transformation and Growth

Planetary Healing Workshop

Hybrid Model - Offline at Chennai, Tiruvanmiyur, and Online via Zoom, Anywhere
Date - 01-5-2023
Time: 03.15 PM - 6.00 PM

A Planetary Approach to resolve Stuckness Issues Related to Finance, Relationships, and Physical - Emotional Health

A.K.Sarvanan, Certified Regression, and Hypnotherapist. Family Constellations, Quantum Healing, and Ancestral Therapy Practioner. Certified In Therapeutic Yoga. Accreditations QCI Govt of India, European Association of Regression Therapists, Netherlands: PLR Academy UK

Quantum Healing with Planetary Healing

There are Dimensions beyond what is seen or heard

Dimensions Beyond What the Conscious Mind Knows

YOU and ME are part of the Dimension...You are the Dimension, 

Yet, not aware

All you need is to align yourself, your body, and your mind: channel your internality with the energies and then be a witness.

For a long time, we have been told that the planets are influencers...influencing our life, our Success and Failures, our happiness and misery.

We have been told that we are separate from the planets, from the universe and all that is sometimes good and sometimes bad...we lived in fear.

Yet the truth is different. If reality is one, then that I am different from the planets cannot be true. 

With the right practice, you can open up the reality and draw resources from the planets for your well-being. Join us this week for the session. 

This is also the foundation session to become a Certified Planetary and Quantum Healer

Planetary Healing is a quantum healing approach that can offer the following benefits to you

  Increased Confidence, Self Esteem, and Resilience
  Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Balance
  Overcoming Negative Beliefs
  Building high-quality relationships
  Reduced Stress, and Anxiety

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is an alternative approach to healing that combines the principles of quantum physics with traditional healing practices.

Quantum Physics had scientifically proven that we are basically ENERGY Beings.

Yogic Science also asserts that we are condensed Energy forms.

Energy is invisible and energy connects the body, mind, and Spirit.

Illness and disease, relationship issues, psychological challenges, and financial issues arise from imbalances in the flow of energy.

In Quantum Healing we harness the power of the quantum field using tools of meditation, visualization, and certain powerful rituals for transformation and growth

What is Planetary Healing?

Planetary Healing is a subset of Quantum Healing. Each planet has certain qualities and vibrates at a certain frequency. Using guided meditation, breath work, and visualization practices we bring our energies in alignment with the frequency of the planets. This alignment brings out a profound change in many aspects of our life.

Benefits of Planetary Healing

Here are some of the potential benefits of planetary healing :

  1. Increased self-awareness: Working with the energies of the planets can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions, and your patterns of behavior. Balance in emotions and behavior helps in enhancing relationship quality, habit change and also decision making

  2. Enhanced spiritual growth: Planetary healing can be used as a tool for spiritual growth and self-discovery, providing insights into the deeper meaning of life and the universe.

  3. Improved emotional well-being: By aligning and balancing the energies associated with different planets, it is believed that planetary healing can help reduce stress, anxiety, and other emotional imbalances.

  4. Physical healing: Planets are energy centers and are connected with vital organs of the body like the heart, liver, kidney, etc. Planetary healing can help promote physical healing by working with the energies associated with different parts of the body.

  5. Increased energy and vitality: Planetary healing may help promote increased energy and vitality by working with the energies associated with different planets and their corresponding aspects of the body and mind.

Overall, Planetary healing is a subjective process. The benefits of healing using planets are largely based on individual beliefs, trust in the process, and experiences, and it is important to approach this practice with an open mind and a willingness to explore its potential benefits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many sessions are needed?

Planetary Healing is a seven-part series with progressively intensifying practices that include connecting with the quantum field using breathwork, Sound, meditation, and visualization. For proper integration to happen we need a gap before we progress from one level to the next. We do offer the same in seven different sessions

Can I offer Planetary healing sessions after attending the seven sessions? Will I get a certificate?

At the end of the first seven sessions, you will be given a certificate. The first seven sessions are focused on self Healing. We have three advanced sessions to become a practitioner after which you can practice safely. 

Planetary healing is a part of the quantum healing process and we have a detailed curriculum of various modalities under quantum healing.

How do I attend the program?

You can attend the program online and offline.

To attend online you need a proper internet connection with good speakers.

You will get a Zoom link by Whats up to one hour before the program. You will also get a mail with the link immediately on registration 

The offline session happens at Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai. If you choose to attend the program offline, directly you should inform us in advance. We will share the address. The space can take 12-15 participants.

Will I get the recording of the sessions?

You will have lifetime access to the recordings of the sessions.

Can I Share recordings with others?

Quantum healing sessions involve initiating into the practice which is more than just instructions. This is a co-creative energy-building process that happens between the facilitator and the student. Hence we suggest that the practices be kept personal.

How will the process happen?

Planetary healing is often used in conjunction with other forms of healing, such as traditional medicine or energy healing and we will use tools of meditation (80%), and visualization in addition to lectures (20%) on the basics

It is also important to note that planetary healing and quantum healing are subjective and hence there is limited scientific evidence, and it should be approached with an open mind and careful consideration.

The benefits listed above are based on the feedback given by participants after planetary healing sessions