The Ultimate Personal Power Builder Workshop

180 Minutes to Reprogram your Subconscious mind and Build Personal Power

The First Step towards Self-Empowerment in Your Own Way!

Rewire your Brain in 180 Minutes with the Power of Positive Psychology

: Build Confidence, Self Esteem, and Resilience

: Communicate Positively to influence and Persuade to achieve desired outcomes

: Build Emotional Resilience to overcome challenges and achieve goals

: Art of identifying and reframing Negative Self Talk to Positive Self Talk

: Rejuvenate, Break free from Stress Related Burnout

Why is this Personal Power Builder Workshop for You?

  • Become Successful and Identify Your Inner-Potential to Grow in every aspect of Life.
  • Identify the Root Cause of Negativity and eliminate them.
  • Create Your Own Path and Core Belief System
  • Communicate with Power with the Subtle Art of Influence and persuasion
  • Learn to be more calm, relaxed, and mindful in any given situation, Anytime - Anywhere
  • Reprogram Your Mind to Achieve what you desire.
  • Be Happy in Every Step of Your Journey toward achieving Your Goals.

Your Coach


India's Leading Transformational Coach: NLP, and Hypnosis Practitioner with 12+ years of Experience
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Our Journey So Far!

Lead Teams, Trained, and Coached in Leading Global Organisations Trained and Coached over 2500 Leaders and Executives over 12 Years

Take the First Step to Identify and Build Your Personal Power

April 23rd (Sunday): 4.30 PM - 7.30 PM

What will Change in Your Life?

  • Identify the Root Cause of Money Problems and develop the Habit to Overcome them.
  • Enhance Quality Relationships with your Spouse, Partner, Family, and Friends 
  • Attract Wealth and Abundance in your life by learning and applying the Abundance Manifestation Principles
  • Learn the Secret to overcoming health issues by reprograming your subconscious mind
  • Apply Optimistic Approaches to become Successful in Business, Job and Studies.

Build Personal Power Using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind, the Inherent Potent Power of Scientific Manifestation within you!

What You Will Learn in the Personal Power Builder Workshop

Immersive Workshop  is Backed by Yogic and Psychological Sciences

Remove Success Blockers: Identify Key factors that block you from achieving what you want and learn tools to overcome them

Increase Brain Potential: Tools and Practices to Increase the power of your brain. Practices to rewire your brain, and increase neural connection  

Staying Focused, yet Relaxed:

Learn to direct your energies, by staying focused, and calm; beat procrastination in any given situation. 

Increase your internal Vibration:

You will learn the art of vibrating in a higher frequency in any given situation. 

Wealth Creation

Master the practice that  can set your energies, thoughts and actions be in an abundance mindset consistently

Identify, Resolve and Fix the # 1 root cause of Every problem you face in your career, relationship, money

This 180 Minutes workshop could be a perfect fit

If you have been wanting to achieve one or more of the following goals

 Successful life that is Stress - Free and Joyful

High Level of Confidence and Self Esteem

Strong decision-making Accurate Perception

Financial Growth and Stability 

High energy throughout the day

Peek productivity 

Great Vibrancy and Health

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Rejuvenating 15-minute guided practice video to remove blocks and enhance personal power

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Release Stress in 15 minutes, Energize your system, and Improve your Sleep Quality; with simple yet powerful rhythmic movement and sound-based practice. You can practice this anytime anywhere to enhance your personal power

bonus 2

Workbook and guided practice to increase the power of your subconscious mind

Life Time Access

Guided Practice to Visualize, Anchor, and reprogram your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the repository of power. This guided practice will help you align

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time management tool to improve productivity and stay relaxed every hour of your day

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Powerful Framework used by the most successful and rich people to make the most of the time spent at work

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This course has the Power Building Principles and Practices that have helped my clients in leading corporations to change their life.


Meet Your Trainer and Coach

A.K. Saravanan

Life Coach, Top Regression and Hypnosis Practitioner, NLP Practitioner with over 15 Years of Experience in Coaching, Training for Growth and Transformation, Facilitated Transformation of 1,00,000 Plus Students and Participants in one-on-one, group, and Online Workshop formats

A.K. Saravanan is also a Pharmacist and a Successful Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner. He takes an integrative and holistic approach to transformation to restore emotional and physical health. 

My mission is to provide effective and simple to-practice tools that can help participants overcome inner resistance to change by dissolving outdated belief systems in the unconscious mind.

The high-impact workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions guide participants to identify, release and reprogram to enable them to accomplish their goals and realize their full potential

The time-tested frameworks developed with feedback and experience gathered over decades of transformative coaching and healing experience help individuals and entrepreneurs transcend and move beyond their current achievement levels 

Work, Training Experience in Global Organizations

Awards and Felicitations

Workshop with Cyberabad Police and SCSC team formed by Cognizant

Emotional Intelligence for Personal MasteryWorkshop at Rotary Club of Madras

Personal Power and Mastery using a Transgenerational Approach, at Andhra Chamber of Commerce

All You Need to Build Personal Power 

Transformation, Success, and Growth

Ultimate Personal Power Builder Workshop @ 299 INR

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What you will Learn

Core Aspects of Personal Power

Confidence, Self Esteem, and Resilience

Building Emotional Intelligence

Overcoming Negative Beliefs

Building a Postive Mindset


Positive Communication

Self Care - Stress-Free way to success

Mindfulness Practices to stay calm relaxed and focused in any situation

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Rejuvenating Guided Practice to rejuvenate yourself anytime anywhere

Guided Practice to increase the power of your subconscious mind

The ZEN of Time Management. The world Class time management tool used by the most         successful leaders worldwide

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Is it Worth Investing in the Personal Power Builder Workshop?

Personal power is the ability to influence oneself and others to achieve desired outcomes. It is the inner strength and confidence that can enable you to take action, make decisions, and create change in your life and the world around you. Secondly, your life, your health, your achievements, and your skills are influenced by the sheer inner power in your mind. This workshop will equip you with the tools to train your mind and achieve your desired goals with more ease and confidence

Q) How will I get the link to attend the workshop?

You will get a mail instantly on registration. You will also get a link by Whats up on your registered mobile number an hour before the start of the workshop

Q) When will I receive the bonuses?

Your Bonuses will be available on the LMS and you can access the same immediately after you register for the workshop