Garbhaham, School of Yoga 

Freedom from    PCOD - PCOS Fibroids Endometriosis  @ Yoga Therapy

Goal of Yoga Therapy

Work with the body using breath and movement to restore hormonal balance

Create a neurological chemistry that is more conducive to healing

Activate life Energy within the system which enhances Endocrine Health with focus on Ovaries, Thyroid, Pituitary

Reset the Pituitary - Endocrine - Hypothalamus axis to Normalcy

Restore health and vitality by harnessing natural forces that exist within the system

Whatever be your schedule or resources we have an offering to help you overcome PCOD, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Naturally. Call us now!

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Some Facts about Yoga Therapy that you should know

Yoga Therapy uses principles of Yoga for Therapeutic effects. Yoga Therapy is different from Yoga

Yoga works differently in different individuals. Same posture but difference in breathing and movement pattern brings about effect in different organs of the body.

Yoga is a potent tool. Yoga is more than postures. 

Yoga begins when you learn what to do after you get into the posture; what you do after you get into the postures depends on your individual body constitution

Yoga heals, cures, saves life, brings back vitality and health. Brings live back into system.

Learn Yoga right, with guidance.

You will not only enjoy the benefits but you may also learn to restore vitality into your system by yourself.

Yoga empowers you. Learn it right with Guidance

Yoga Therapist

Kavita Karunakar

Certified in Yoga Therapy, IAYT

12 Years Experience, over 15000 hours of Teaching

Pilates and Power Yoga Certified