Past Life Regression Workshop 

Past Life Regression is a way to identify

 and digest unassimilated emotions and experiences of

 the past that interferes with your current life

Get a Real-Time Experience with our Eight-Hour Hybrid Workshop 

Happening this Saturday, April 9th 

9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

Participants share their Experience of PLR in PLR WORKSHOP

Participants of this workshop can choose to Join our 18 week 90-hour past life Regression Training Certification Program for Healing and Transformation


Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist Accredited by GHSC UK, Tasso Netherlands, European Association of Regression Therapists, 

Past Life Regression Academy, UK, Yoga Therapist 

12 Plus Years of Experience in Integrative approach with Spiritual Regression

Regression Therapy Workshop in a Hybrid Model 

Online, From Anywhere, and Offline at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Date: 9th April Time 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

Begin the Systematic Approach to Exploring Past Lives and Dimensions Beyond. April 9th 2023, 9AM - 6PM

Training, Healing, and Transformation using the principles of Past Life Regression, integrated with Western Psychological Tools and Vedic - Yogic Processes

This program is for those who wish to deepen their healing and Transformation process; and progress to offer healing for others.

This Sunday we help you work through a traumatic Past Life that interferes with your current life 

The 8-hour Module Covers the following:

Part 1 - Science of Past Life Regression, an experiential approach

Theory of Exploring Altered States of Consciousness  

Preparatory meditations for accessing deeper states for Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy  

Guided Session to initiate Energetic Cleansing of the System 

Guided Session to "Enter into Trance state"  

Deep dive into the Science of Past Life Regression, Karma, Samskara patterns, and Birth - Death - Rebirth  Approach to Disease from an Energetic and Yogic framework and the healing framework 

Introduction to Development of Patterns since Infancy, Attachment Patterns and their Roles in decision making

Science of Ancestry and Trans-generational Patterns: Exploration into patterns that run in your family. 

Role of Integrated Approach for Deeper Healing and Transformation   

If you are attending online you may have to choose and be in an undisturbed space, keep your video on, have a resting couch or a yoga mat; and be available for the full workshop.  

Recording of the lectures would be shared for future reference 

Part 2 - Dealing with Traumatic Impact in Past Life that impacts current life

When it comes to healing with past life regression, we are looking at ten major ways in which past impressions and samskaras impact us. Each needs a different type of approach to resolve.

Undigested Traumatic events of the Past, Long Drawn Unpleasant experiences that had dominated life, deeper opinions and beliefs that one developed, Obsessions, Possessions, Evil Forces, Karmic impressions, Intra Uterine experiences, Traumatic Death Experiences, Impact of Ancestors in current life, Death of loved ones, etc from the overall map that we work on.

We also work to retrieve skills, strengths, and dharmic happy lifetimes to integrate and help us in the journey of life.

In Part 2 of the Sunday Module, we help you work through Trauma.

What is Trauma and how it is different from other types of impact

Types of Trauma

How Past Life Trauma Opens Up in current life

Steps in Understanding and Resolving Trauma

Guided Regression Sessions to heal


Questions and Answers


Please call at 8754480667 for more other details

Details of the Full 90-Hour Certificate Program in 
Past Life Regression

Details of Other Modules

Module 1 ( 16th and 23rd April - 1.00 PM - 6.00 PM)

Total of Ten to Twelve Hours over two weekends 

Fees INR: 4000/- Plus Taxes.

Working through Hangovers - Weariness - Tiredness; a longer form of trauma that numbs

Identifying and working through Limiting Beliefs, Self Criticism, Negativity, and Opinions

Module 2

Nineteen to Twentyone Hours in Total, spread over three Sundays.

Fees for the Module 2 - 7500/- INR Plus Taxes

Working Through Deeper Introjects

Intra Uterine Experiences.

Obsessions and Pseudo Obsessions

Module 3

Thirty-two to Thirty-Six hours of Training spread over four Sundays

Fees - INR 12500

Working with Souls

Working with Possessions, Evil

Working through the Impact of Death, Ancestors

Exploring Dharmic Lifetimes, Future Pacing Integrating

Part -2, Training to Heal Others

30 Hours of  Practical Training on the following

Client Intake Process

Establishing Rapport and Trust

Induction Processes - Guided Imagery and Healing using Scripts

Understanding and identifying the core challenge

Training on applying script based Past Life Regression

Handling challenges


Certification Process for the Certificate Program in Past Life Regression

Live Regression on three cases to be done with supervision

Submission of 6 cases 

Completion of Exam covering the principles

Fee for the 30-Hour' Training to Heal Module' - INR 25000 Plus taxes

Optional - You can take a maximum of 3 one-on-one Personal Sessions with the mentor when you register for the healing others module. The discounted fee would be INR 6000 Per Session, The fee for Past Life Regression Therapy sessions ranges from INR 10000-15000 per session

Answers to Some Frequently asked questions:

Payment can be made for each module before the beginning of each module.

Recording of all the theoretical presentations and discussions would be made available, life time

In case you miss a session, you can use the recording to complete it. You can attend the next time the module is conducted to experience the guided regression sessions.

There would be no refund of the fee paid.

It is important to keep in mind that the goal of Past Life Regression is not to judge or develop opinions about memories that show up as there is no way one can prove that it is a past life memory scientifically. Spirituality begins where science ends. Past Life Regression is a subjective process

The goal of the process is to become free of the emotions - beliefs - thoughts entangled with certain past experiences that still keep interfering in the present. So Past Life regression is not going back to the past but becoming free of the past that interferes with the present

This workshop is not an alternative to any other form of intervention like counseling, therapy, or medical treatment offered by a medical practitioner. If you have any specific illness that you feel may interfere with the process, please consult your doctor before registering and attending.

Past Life Regression is not a magical process to get rid of challenges. If you are under any medications we request you to share the same before paying the fees and joining the course.

Neither I nor my representatives will advise you to treat this as an alternative or prescribe any medications.

We have a panel of Psychiatrists, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors who can help you if you have any doubts to be clarified

This is a process that suits individuals who would like to participate in their own process of healing with a deeper understanding, healing, and transformation

Overall Benefits and Integrative Power of Past Life Regression            The Power to be me: Become New, Stay New

  1. Healing: Helps to resolve emotional or psychological issues that are rooted in past life experiences. By bringing these experiences to consciousness, individuals can work through them and gain a deeper understanding of their current challenges.

  2. Increased self-awareness: Helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their behaviors, and their patterns. This increased self-awareness can lead to personal growth and transformation.

  3. Release of fears and phobias: Individuals may be able to release fears or phobias that are not based in their current life experiences but are instead linked to past life traumas.

  4. Spiritual growth: Past life regression therapy may help individuals connect with their spiritual selves and gain insight into their life purpose.

  5. Personal empowerment: By gaining insight into past life experiences, individuals may feel more empowered to make positive changes in their current life and take control of their destinies. 

Please us call at 8754480667 to schedule a time to discuss your goals, other details, and payment