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Past Life Regression Near me! Online

If you are looking for Past Life Regression Therapy near me, then look no further. Past Life Regression Online dissolves boundaries. You can attend our Past Life Regression Therapy Workshops, Sessions Facilitated by Saravanan, an Accredited Past Life Regression Therapist, European Association of Regression Therapists, Netherlands

Why World wide people choose Past Life Regression Therapy

To Overcome certain Traumatic Childhood experiences

To Break Free of Recurrent Patterns of Failures

To Break inertia and Create More Wealth and Financial Growth

Spiritual Growth - Get Answers to certain Existential Questions

To overcome impact of Accidents, Death, Loss, Separation

Overcome Fear, Phobia, Panic, Anxiety that impact life

To Know How Past Impacts the present download the eBook on Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression now

How is Past Life Regression Therapy @ Garbhaham different ! 

Integrated with Ancient Indian Psychological Processes.

Spiritual Growth with Personal and Professional Growth

Safe Integrated Mind - Body - Energy Approach

Saravanan, Certified Past Life Regression, Family Constellations and Clinical Hypnotherapist

MS in Yogic Sciences : MS Psychology : B. Pharm : PGCBM XLRI (Jamshedpur)

PLR and Hypnotherapy Practitioner since 2010

Certified in Altered States of Conscious studies - GHSC UK ( Hypnotherapy), European Association of Regression Therapists (TASSO, Netherlands), Psychodrama ( Moreno Institute, Germany and International Association of Group Processes, Switzerland), Family Constellations ( Spanda - Ochre Ireland), NLP ( Richard Bandler, US)

If you are frequently left with Questions, Experiences like these then PLR Sessions could bring more clarity and direction to your life

  • What is the purpose in life?

  • Feeling alone - Lonely - Disconnected?

  • Recurrent patterns of failures in relationships, Business, Financial loss

  • Long term pain in your family - addictions of a family member that affects your happiness

  • An urge to do something new, but their seems to be inner resistance and blocks!

  • Unexplainable fears or anxieties: Images and memories seem to overwhelm?

  • Experience of recurrent emotions like anger - rage - sadness - frustration etc 

  • No matter what you do or what treatments you undergo, your anxiety and panic attacks or phobias will never go away? 

  • Do you feel that you need to get to the root cause of these emotions, but you just don't know how? 

  • Do you have a special connection to certain places in the world, time periods, or certain people? 

past life regression therapy reviews

"Freedom and internal permission to create the life I want to...better relationships with people who are important to the change I experience within myself"

Anitha - Entrepreneur, Fitness Chain

"I came with issues in relationships, confidence, and health issues...every session was a new opening with insights and clarity. I started with hesitation but working with Saravanan was comfortable and I was able to share safely. 

Mrs. Gayathiri

"Honestly it was a good experience and able to feel myself. Thank you sir for listening patiently and provided solution for easy recovery."

Nisha Baskaran

"I'm Very thankful o\to Mr. Saravanan. I came to Hypnotherapy for clearing past issues that were giving anxiety and fear. Now my Mind and body very Calm.... Really worth it 👍👍👍'


More Past Life regression experiences shared by clients

I underwent couple of PLR with Saravanan Sir, for relationship problems with my family.  I was very anxious that whether I would be able to go to hypnosis state to perform the therapy. He did that with much ease. He made me feel very comfortable and session went on extremely well. It helped me to bring out most of the emotions I had on my people. Almost a week later I realized very very light on my chest region and found there was some drastic change in my physical body too. I used to have rounded shoulders because of the tightness on my chest region. I found that tightness was released and my shoulders became straight.  It was then I realized soo much of pent up emotions I was holding on too. Yes, with help of some affirmations and goal settings he gave, helped me alot to easily forgive all those people around me and was able to communicate properly with them.I even attended his personalized Yoga session for my weight loss. It was really  simple and  very effective. Very quickly I gave up.on coffee and other caffeine drinks. It's helping to increase the body metabolism and make me feel energetic through out the day.


"Words of a client after 5 Personal Regressions sessions...'I experience inner child healing - my self-esteem and confidence are much higher... Self-Help books or counseling may not be sufficient ..."I came for regression/hypnotherapy as I have been for many years struggling with self-esteem issues. I have largely ignored it by thinking that I would feel more confident by being successful in my career. But somewhere I have started to feel that there is something that fundamentally wrong with me as there is a repeated pattern in the kind of people that I attract in my life and end up being disappointed. I have also realized that just counseling and reading self-help books were not enough to boost my self-esteem. Therefore I decided to work on the core of the problem and luckily I found Mr. Saravanan. After starting the first regression session I already felt the immense power of releasing the emotional blocks. By end of the sessions, I can already feel the healing of my inner child. There was a deep-rooted sadness in me which I was not completely aware of and I got in touch with it and got it released through this therapy. I now feel much lighter and happy and I feel more strong and ready to face my life's challenges. It helped me understand the importance of dealing with my emotions and to be aware of it. So far I have been living with my logical/analytical mind and ignored other aspects of it. Now getting in touch with my emotional part I feel more complete. It was very comfortable to work with Mr. Saravanan as he is a very open-minded and flexible person. Overall I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with deep-rooted issues"

Vamsee Krishna

Who can choose Past Life Regression?

Deep urge to know more about oneself with a desire for spiritual growth

Experiencing frequent - recurrent Relationship problems @ work, home, and social

Recurrent negative patterns in life, inhibitions, blocks that stop progress and growth

Worries, anxieties, Depressions, nervousness, mental instability causing fear, Insecurity

Physical ailments - Migraine, Hormonal Disorders, Auto Immune diseases like arthritis

Obesity, eating disorders

Sexual problems - ED, excessive indulgence in Energy draining habits

Addictions - smoking, alcohol, internet, workaholics - Self and Family

Phobias, Fear, insecurities, questions about self-identity

Obsessions, compulsions, excessive need for Power and Control

If you are taking care of patients with Chronic Illnesses

All you need to about Past Life Regression

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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression

Integrated Past Life Regression can open the wholeness of your being to invite Abundance, Joy, and Happiness into your life. Focus is Deep Healing and Transformation.

An integrated approach to transformation

Follow up practices and active engagement have the power to enhance the quality of your life in all areas that matter the most to you - Relationships - Work - Business - Emotional Health - Financial Abundance - Parenting

Past Life Regression 

Examples of certain unconscious beliefs and Boundaries show up as internal unconscious thought patterns

"I know what I need to do; I know how I need to act; I know the answers, but I am not able to do what I need to do! '

" How do I come out of my past repetitive behavior and thinking patterns"

" My challenges never seem to end. It is one thing after the other'

 ' I want something. yet I get something'

 " I get what I need, yet I am not able to sustain my happiness levels' 

" I have a fluctuating cycle of emotions- very happy at times, very sad at times."

'I keep thinking negatively, in repeated similar thought patterns'

Very Few are aware that Past Life Regression is a technique offered by Maharishi Patanjali, to relive the past with the objective of shedding the emotional and Karmic imprints of the past, which includes past life memory also.

Regression Therapy

For those who trust, Past Life Regression integrated with deeper practices has the potential to open up newer dimensions of life and energy. The Past Life Regression process can be made more comprehensive

PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Journey through Time and Space

Past Life Regression Program can also be made as a comprehensive approach by helping one explore & experience existential questions like what is the basis of life, understanding life, and death, Life after death, Karmic patterns, etc.

Most choose Past Life Regression to resolve - unresolvable recurrent patterns of failure, unknown blocks that impede growth, financial challenges, relationship issues (with partners, spouse, children), inability to create relationships, the effect of death of loved ones, emotional outbursts, etc.

Today many choose Past Life Regression for spiritual growth, fast track change - transformation, explore existential questions and connect deeper with life - relationships - work as a whole

Past Life Regression Therapy based on Indian Psychological Tools of Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali and Vedanta offers an integrated approach

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Past Life Regression

'when the (unconscious) modifications of the mind are removed, the seer (the real you) dwells in its own original splendor' - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 

Past Life Regression therapy is not going back to the past. 

Past Life Regression therapy is dealing with the past that interferes with the present

Twin Benefits of Integrated Past Life Regression

Release the conscious mind from the unconscious patterns and blocks that arise from the past. 

Discover and connect with the deeper potential within you - move towards unlimited fulfillment and joy of a rich-abundant life.


Past Life regression cost

Past Life Regression Therapy Fees depend on Various Factors

Per Session Cost in India with an experienced practitioner varies between INR 9000 -16000 per session. 

The cost would vary on the goal and condition.

PLR Can be chosen to explore and resolve a specific challenge or for spiritual growth.

At times PLR, Regression Therapy work leads to paranormal phenomena like dealing with spirits, working through evil, Black Magic etc which needs supportive energy work too.