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Past Life Regression, at chennai: ONline

Gain Insight and Deep Learning about your Deeper Self, Resolve Karmic Connections with an Immersive Past Life Regression Experience 

A Journey Across Time and Space to Create a 

New Future

Open up yourself to limitless possibilities with Past Life Regression

Personal Growth and Transformation 
Exploration and Insight into the Journey of Your Soul 
Identify and Heal Emotional Traumas of the past 
Resolve Karmic Connections and Karmic Relationship Issues                              Break Free of Limiting Beliefs and Unconscious Decisions of the Past


Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist Accredited by GHSC UK, Tasso Netherlands, European Association of Regression Therapists, 

Past Life Regression Academy, UK, Yoga Therapist 

12 Plus Years of Experience in Integrative approach with Spiritual Regression

Past Life Regression could be suitable for you, if...

Empower yourself for Personal Growth and Transformation by identifying and releasing yourself from recurrent patterns, Beliefs and Opinions that hold you back 

Explore Reincarnation and the Interconnectedness of Souls 

Delve into spiritual dimensions, Explore karmic relationships 

Resolve unresolved issues, Karmic Connections that have been carried from past lives into the current Life. 

Recognize attachments to past events, relationships, or outcomes and consciously work to let them go 

Identify the Root Cause of Negativity and eliminate them 

Create Your Own Path and Core Belief System

Participants Share Their Experience

Past Life Regression is not going back to the past or digging past memories. 

Our PLR Sessions Focusses on Growth and Transformation. 

1. Resolve Current Challenge and Move toward a clearly defined goal 

2. Insight into your Deeper Self

  1. Healing: Helps to resolve emotional or psychological issues that are rooted in past life experiences. You can gain a deeper understanding of your current challenges and also open the unconscious mind to healing.

  2. Increased self-awareness: You gain a deeper understanding of yourselves, your behaviors, and your behavior patterns. This increased self-awareness can lead to personal growth and transformation.

  3. Freedom from fears and phobias: You can release fears or phobias that are linked to past life traumas.

  4. Spiritual growth: You connect with their spiritual selves and gain insight into your life purpose.

  5. Personal empowerment: By gaining insight into past life experiences, you can feel more empowered to make positive changes into your current life and take control of your destiny.