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Join our community today for convenient, daily live classes that fit your schedule. Sign up in advance for stress-relieving flows, motivating workouts, Yoga Sadhana Workshops, Emotional wellness programs, and mindful meditations in real time when you need that extra push.



MS Yogic Sciences, Swami Sivananda Yoga, Forest Academy: Certified in Yoga Therapy, KYM Tradition, MS Psychology. 7 Years of Experience in Teaching yoga for Wellness and Therapeutic work

Kavitha Karunakar

Certified to Teach Yoga - Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, and Yoga Therapy Certified from KYM tradition. Over 12 Years of training Yoga Groups.

Learn from the integrative approach of Teachers Specialized in Various Styles of Yoga  

KYM Yoga ( Shri Krishnamacharya Yoga), Swami Sivananda Yoga, BKS Iyengar Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga

Why Online Yoga? 

Yoga = One Practice = Multiple Benefits 

Physical Fitness, Emotional Wellness, Stress Management, Spiritual Growth 

Immunity - Protection from Infections and Immunodeficient diseases 

             Learn Yoga Online from today                Count the benefits

Stay Fit, Stay Young, Stay Free for Life

Regular Yoga practice protects organs, reduces inflammation-related aging diseases

Emotional Balance at work and home 

Alignment of MInd with Body using Breath brings about emotional balance

Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Naturally

A deeply happy, Joyful mind has the capacity for healthy, deeper intimate relationships

Built Immunity

Protect from Infections and Auto Immune diseases Naturally

Beat Insomnia

Overcome Sleeplessness with regular Yoga and Meditative Practices

Reduce Negativity

A calm mind reduces negative thoughts, and creates a inner space for positivity

What is Yoga? Regular Guided Yoga is a tool to overcome unconscious stress. You can overcome stress even without talking about it

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I experience muscle strength and Flexibility. The integration with Pranayama and Mantra chanting is wonderful. Trained Experienced Instructors.

Diepti Metha

Individual focus in a group class helps develop a deep connection within. Happy to choose Garbhaham yoga. The best yoga classes online.


Though I have been learning yoga for quite some years. Learning with Saravanan has been to understand the essence of Yoga  Meditation

Swapna Nair

Best Yoga Classes for Beginners and Mid Level Yoga Practitioners - Students Speak

Friendly yet professional. I feel the immense benefits of chanting integrated with good yoga practice as the meanings and the learnings are explained in detail. I admire their depth of knowledge in the subject and their initiative to impart the same to their students. I feel blessed for having made the best choice of joining Garbhaham! - Moni Alluri 

Online Streaming Yoga Classes have brought regularity to my practice and schedule. I am more energetic. more focussed and less involved in the unnecessary chattering of the mind. I am calmer, pleasant, and emotionally balanced. One of the best Zoom Yoga Classes ' - Sakshi.

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Knowing how to do Yoga is different from Practicing Yoga regularly with Guidance

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Guided Restorative Integrative Movement with Mantra Practice 

Seven Essential Principles to be integrated when you practice yoga

The most essential techniques which even the most experienced Yoga Practitioners miss. 

Essential Wisdom for safe and effective Yoga Practice

You will also avoid the most common mistakes students during yoga practice.