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Yoga Online, Student Speak!

I experience muscle strength and Flexibility. The integration with Pranayama and Mantra chanting is wonderful. Trained Experienced Instructors.

Diepti Metha

Individual focus in a group class helps develop a deep connection within. Happy to choose Garbhaham yoga. The best yoga classes online.


Though I have been learning yoga for quite some years. Learning with Saravanan has been to understand the essence of Yoga  Meditation

Swapna Nair

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What would you get from our 

Online Yoga Classes?

Strength, Flexibility of Joints, Muscles, Cardiac Endurance. Core strength

Physical Fitness

Revitalize organs - Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidneys, Thyroid, Pelvic Organs

Physiological Wellness

Restorative Pranayama Practices to build immunity, reenergize the body

Calm Relaxed Mind

Cleanse, revitalize and heal  Energetic aspects: Brings about balance and composure

Kriya Shakthi Yoga

To Boost confidence, Focus and emotional balance. Mental Strength, Cleansing

Mantra Yoga

Training to create a calm still state of mind, Mindfulness Practices, advanced meditative practices


Online Yoga sessions could be one of the best online yoga classes students get trained to include all aspects of yoga systematically into their daily practice

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Guided Restorative Integrative Movement with Mantra Practice 

Seven Essential Principles to be integrated when you practice yoga

The most essential techniques which even the most experienced Yoga Practitioners miss. 

Essential Wisdom for safe and effective Yoga Practice

You will also avoid the most common mistakes students during yoga practice.

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Online Yoga Student, Mr. Venkat Speaks

Practice & Experience every aspect of Yoga Differently Every Day

 Physical Fitness - Emotional Wellness

Strength - Endurance  Flexibility


 Balance - Strength - Vitality 

Wed - Thur

 Meditative  Deep Healing


60 Minutes a Day, Five Days a week 

Meet Your Complete fitness needs

 Physical - Emotional - Mental - Spiritual 

Two Batches 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM 

10.30 AM - 11.30 AM, Mon to Friday


Why Online Yoga? 

Yoga = One Practice = Multiple Benefits 

Physical Fitness, Emotional Wellness, Stress Management, Spiritual Growth 

Immunity - Protection from Infections and Immunodeficient diseases 

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Vitality irrespective of AGE

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Physical fitness is about Healthy Organs, Muscles, Joints: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Energy, & Vitality at any age

Sustain and Enhance Vitality the key to healthy Living and Healthy Aging.

Proven by research studies - regular Yoga Practice

Increase Muscle Strength, Joint Strength, Flexibility

Muscle Endurance - Activities like Walking, Running, etc for longer periods 

Increase Immunity - Stay Protected

Reduce BMI, Increase PFI and BMR

Increase cardiovascular Endurance and Respiratory Function - More Immunity, More energy, Longer more focussed work hours. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a tool and process that can help you gain mastery over your energy, mind, and body; mastery over emotions, thoughts, actions. Yoga is a tool that mastery of life and the process of life.

Yoga, a Powerful Stress Management Tool


1 reason to Join, Live Yoga Online Classes give you a 3 in 1 benefit

Stay Fit, Stay Young, Stay Free for Life

Regular Yoga practice protects organs, reduces inflammation-related aging diseases

More Focus, More Success, at work 

Calm, Mindful approach  better decision making, energy - emotional mastery

Healthy Happy Relationships 

A deeply happy, Joyful mind has the capacity for healthy, deeper intimate relationships

Best Yoga Classes for Beginners and Mid Level Yoga Practitioners - Students Speak

Friendly yet professional. I feel the immense benefits of chanting integrated with good yoga practice as the meanings and the learnings are explained in detail. I admire their depth of knowledge in the subject and their initiative to impart the same to their students. I feel blessed for having made the best choice of joining Garbhaham! - Moni Alluri 

Online Streaming Yoga Classes have brought regularity to my practice and schedule. I am more energetic. more focussed and less involved in the unnecessary chattering of the mind. I am calmer, pleasant, and emotionally balanced. One of the best Zoom Yoga Classes ' - Sakshi.

Saravanan, Facilitator

Certified to Teach Yoga - QCI Govt of India

Trained under Swami Sivananda and Krishnamacharya Yoga Traditions

15 years Experience in facilitating Individuals & Groups

MS Psychology ( India)

Certified Regression & Hypnotherapist, Psychodrama Practioner

Integrative approach - Yoga - Psychology - Therapy

Contact - + 91-8754480667

What is Yoga? Regular Guided Yoga is a tool to overcome unconscious stress. You can overcome stress even without talking about it

Manage Stress

Unmanaged stress is a vicious cycle. One complication leads to the other. Then it becomes a self-perpetuating loop

Effect of Stress on the body

Health - Rapid heart rate, Blood pressure, Diabetes, high-stress hormones, inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, etc.

Immunity - Stress reduces immunity. More susceptible to infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Atrophic Gastritis, Diabetes, Inflammatory bowel diseases

Stress leads to  High cortisol levels lead to a lack of libido or sexual drive. Infertility, Erectile dysfunction (ED), lack of intimacy, and poor relationships have their roots in Stress. 

Knowing how to do Yoga is different from Practicing Yoga regularly with Guidance

 To get the benefits of Regular Yoga Practice, 

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Yoga in NFL, USA

Leading NFL Players Practice Yoga -  Clarity, Focus, Balance, Flexibility, Strength

Yoga by Cricketers

Yoga adds Years to life, Leading Cricketers about Yoga

Yoga in NBA, USA

Mental Strength, Focus, Clarity, Stamina, Lung capacity, Back - Spine Strength

Yoga is much more than Physical Fitness. Right Yoga builds mental fitness

Leading international Sports Players who need to perform with the highest level of physical fitness have Regular Yoga in their regimen. The Buzz words are, " Yes, I need physical fitness for sure. But I need mental fitness too to succeed. Yoga gives both'. 

Imagine the amount of Physical Fitness and Flexibility needed in the National Football League and NBA US. They have Yoga in their fitness regimen. Do you need more proof?

I am regular to my Gym - So why should I join Yoga online Classes?

Gym exercises are totally different from Yoga. Regular Yoga practice can strengthen internal organs, lung health, and immune response.

Yoga is about building Healthy Muscle Strength with Flexibility: Muscle Endurance.

Yoga is more about the conscious body- Breath and Energy Movement which alters your body chemistry and neural infrastructure.

Most important after a certain amount of time, breathing quality in Gym reduces because breathing changes to anaerobic breathing, which means that breathing happens the way, Fungi Breathes. This is one reason why you get muscle cramps and pain with anaerobic Gym exercises.

Yoga is breath - Breath Leads yoga - Join and practice for 3 months to know the difference yoga makes in your life.

How to Increase Immunity!

Yoga is one process when done regularly can offer protection from infections and diseases.

You may be aware of the numerous scientific studies that prove that immunity increases with regular proper yoga practice; even if one gets infection recovery rate is better and post-recovery complications are lesser.

Yoga is the proven tool to increase immunity

How to increase Immunity!

Yoga can become a powerful transformation tool, 

 When you Learn Yoga Right

From Teachers Trained in Swami Sivananda and Sri Krishnamacharya Traditions (KYM) with Ten Plus years of experience


MS Yoga, MS Psychology, B.Pharm

QCI Level - 2

RYT 500*


Kavita Karunakar

Certified to Teach Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Power Yoga

RYT 200*


Yoga Archarya, Yoga Vahini

Sri Krishnamacharya Tradition, 

RYT 500* (Eligible)

More than 15000 Hours of combined Teaching Experience. Certified  Practitioners, Therapists

Learn Classical Vinyasa Hatha Yoga blended with Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting

Progressive course plans to cleanse, energize and revitalize every organ of the body, every week

Yoga Online

60 Minutes a day - 20 Classes a month - @ less than INR 100 per class.

Regular Yoga Practice protects the body and organs from diseases, Strengthens the body, and helps one lead a more joyful and successful life


Transformative Good Yoga Online with experienced certified Yoga practitioners - Live Yoga Online Sessions Five days a week.

Yoga Online 

Trained and Certified to teach Yoga for Health and Wellness.

Over 15000 Hours of Combined Experience in Teaching Yoga 

Trained in Traditional (Sri Krishnamacharya Tradition, Swami Sivananda Tradition)  and Modern (Power Yoga, Pilates) Schools of Yoga

Why Online Yoga Live Classes? I will do yoga by myself! Oh, I can learn it free of cost, from YouTube!

I need the best Car I can afford! The best clothes, The best food choices.

I send my children to the best school - the best college?

Why do I choose life-transforming processes based on their price? 

What am I doing by choosing to practice powerful tools free of cost?

Am I aware that the more effective the tool is more precisely I should learn it?

The Quickest way to Overcome Fear, Anxiety

Create the Positive State of Mind, Emotional Balance, Vibrance, and Vitality

Increase Positivity, Clarity, Confidence, Emotional Resilience

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Immunity

Daily practice Regimen, Brings out discipline; energize every organ and body part