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Become New, the Online Personal Development course 

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In this Masterclass, Sarvanan, 

Coach, Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Therapist reveals the most integrated approach to become new.

Real Success ...

Success that makes you more free, liberated and joyful is real success.

Success that brings more burden, pain making you feel more and more constricted can lead to more and more frustration.

The Goal of this course is to help you take a totally new way of achieving your goals



The Rules of Success have changed. It's no longer success at any cost

Do you know what the most successful people have in common today?

They are emotionally balanced to manage the impact of political, social, financial changes that happen. They are calm and focused.

They have the will power to develop and stick to the healthy habits despite tight time lines, workload and tempting food spreads.

With absolute time mastery, they make every second of time work for them. They never stop. They continuously expand, enhance, innovate

You will learn the three Core Elements of Personal Mastery that will help you succeed with Freedom and Joy.

Step - 1 

Your Life Blueprint - Imagine getting a complete blue print of the new You.

           Becoming New - Core Change with a direction

Step 2 

Emotional Resilience - Master your emotions, Thoughts, and Habits

           Eliminate Negativity, Create New Habits to create the             new you

Create a complete blueprint of your success map that will keep your mind stay focused.

Success Blue Print

Habits are actions that happen least effort. Right action, at the right time

Time Mastery

A still mind is a powerful mind. Moving mind is restless. Learn to create a still mind at will

Mastery over Thoughts

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by Your Name

You will learn experientially the following that will help you attain Emotional Mastery, Time Mastery and Thought Mastery

Be Balanced, Focused and Relaxed in any situation. Art of Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience

Thought and Emotional Mastery. Learn see and convert any thought into a positive one

Eliminate Negativity

Overcome Habits that stop you from achieving your full potential.

Overcome Negative Habits

Personal Mastery Master Class- Course Details

Price INR 460 – USD 9.00

Access – Lifetime access

Downloadable resources – Yes. Ebook with Frameworks and guidance can be downloaded

Instant Access

Location – Internet, online, Pre-recorded video training with Live Master Class

Live Master Class Dates

Session 1 - May 28: 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM 

Session 2 - May 29 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM 

(Recording of the sessions would be available)

The Course Curriculum in detail

Success Blue Print - Complete Goal Setting Step by Step Guide

Self Confidence - Boost Your Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Handle Fear of Rejection - Breaking Free from the Past

Emotional Resilience - Identify the Emotional triggers that take you out of balance

Manage and Eliminate Negative thoughts

Develop power to become free from outdated habits that control your life

Productivity and Time Management - To take control of time to get what you need to get done, with least stress

Stress Management Techniques - 6 powerful techniques and more than 30+ easy ways to deal with stress

If you feel stuck then the first step is to get a practical step by step guide of a blueprint of what you need exactly. So we start with creating your success blueprint.

Your Success Blueprint - Goal Setting

One reason as to why successful people out there always seem to achieve whatever they put their mind to is that they have a clear goal. 

Proper goals give direction to the mind. If not mind will keep doing what it wants to based on past patterns, You may not become free though you will have an illusionary sense of freedom.

After you do this exercise with me you will escape from a monotonous life experience. Life will become more interesting, motivating, and free.

A complete guide to overcome outdated internal blocks, beliefs that stop you from becoming new. Radiating self confidence is natural when you break free from limiting past opinions, ideas and thoughts you have about yourself and others. You will be guided to look at the origin of most recurring thought patterns and overcome them with simple frameworks

Build unshakeable confidence learning:

to compassionately reflect on what has happened in your life so far

Identify your habitual thinking patterns

Re-train your mind for success

Eliminate negative thoughts and also destroy the negative inner self-talk - like a PRO. 

Destroy the fear of rejection

Becoming more authentic

Learn to be vulnerable and centered at the same time

Simple practices to become positive in seconds and convert any thought into a positive thought.

Emotional Resilience Training

IQ can get you a job. EQ ( Emotional Intelligence) helps you stay, grow and succeed, thus goes the saying.

You can start a business, get a job, get a promotion by showcasing your skills intelligently. Yet to make profits in the business, to grow in your career emotional intelligence is key.

Most common relationship challenges also stem from the not being able to handle one's emotions.

You will learn two most practical ways of managing emotions:

1. Managing emotions by managing your energy. Simple practices that will bring y9our emotions to balance in any given situation

2. Cognitive learning frameworks to identify the root cause and retrain your brain to come back to balance. 

The most successful people are those who are happy and emotionally balanced. You will learn the skill in this course.

Time is free resource that is available to all. Yet there is one catch. Lost time is lost for ever. You may never get it back. Losing time can make you feel overwhelmed.

Master Time with the Zen of Time Management.

The most ancient, easy and practical tool to improve your productivity without stress and increase your results.

Most people know that they can be more productive, but do not know where to start.

This section will deal a complete productivity and time management tool. Practical, Easy to understand and apply.

You will learn the following

  • The silent killers of time and the fake breaks that steal your time and energy.
  • How to resurrect your dead time.
  • You will learn efficient relaxation and rejuvenating practices.
  • How to get you do what you need to do without stressing yourself out.

Do you Know!

Only less than 5% of people have the power to do what is needed to be done to achieve their consciously created goals and only Less than 3% of people are able to live the life they deeply desire for.

One strong reason as to why need to take this course: You will develop Power over unproductive Habits that control you

Habits are what you do repeatedly with least effort.

To become new you may have to do things differently with least effort. 

Most people get stuck because they know what to do, but are not able to do what they really want to do.

In this course I will train you with a framework that can isolate the origin of every habit and help you become free of that habit by breaking the inner resistance to change.

You can eliminate Procrastination, avoid getting hooked with vicarious pleasure, overcome the drive towards instant gratification.

Stress Management Practices

Stress, Anxiety, Fear are states of mind. 

You will learn 6 direct techniques and practices that will help you deal with any situation with least stress, from the most productive state.

You will also learn more than 15 plus complementary stress release techniques that can make your whole day calm, relaxed stress free.

Breakthrough Power to do what you really want to do comes from being able access your most effective state instantly

In this course I have a guided NLP process that will help you create and stay in positive states for long periods of time. This makes generating positive thoughts instantly natural and easy. 

Guided NLP Anchoring - Bonus

Anchor your consciously created goals, habits with the most effective state with a guided process that will guide you to plant your new state in your subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious mind will work in unison with your conscious mind

Benefits of anchoring in the Alpha and Theta states mind

The deeper mind has immense potential within. When your goals are planted there you will be able to harness the power of the subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, job seeker, top executive or a homemaker wanting to restart or start a new career, this course could be the best course to take your life to a new level? 

This course can help you tools that will help you achieve a deep sense of confidence and inner security; this will in turn help you to achieve personal and professional goals a sense of high esteem and inner security.

You can get through stiff deadlines, manage multiple stakeholders like colleagues, team members, managers, and customers; and also handle domestic responsibilities, contributing to growth and wellbeing of family members and children successfully and joyfully.

BE LIMITLESS IN LIFE by mastering the practical real life skills the most successful and happy people have...

Without wasting time wallowing with anxiety, negativity, and being controlled by outdated habits you

Despite being successful many live a compromised life, feel stuck, lifeless, powerless, trapped, and frustrated. The drive to become new is inherent.

Now is the right time to stop limiting your potential and doubting your ability to excel in life...

...you can discover your inner confidence, become fearless, with real freedom...

You here because you are keen to bring about a positive change in your life

You love to have life that is filled with freedom, inner balance and security. A balanced personal and professional work life that gives makes you feel appreciated with a deep sense of accomplishment.

but you are feeling stuck

I am able to experience what you feel for till I discovered a way for myself, 

I was also feeling stuck, frustrated.

What you need is?

Crystal Clear Clarity about your goal with an actionable blueprint to achieve your full potential

Power to eliminate outdated micro habits that can help you take action - avoid procrastination

A mindset that creates positive thoughts and healthy emotions naturally

A master plan that will guide to keep yourself growing continously. 

Maybe you are wondering where and how to start. Or Maybe you have already tried some quick-fix methods like

  • Self help books
  • Meditation, Chanting, Yoga
  • Affirmations
  • Vacations - Holidays
  • Motivational Talk Sessions

What you really need ?

A framework that can help you see the depth at which your emotions, thoughts and habits are rooted. Once you are able to see the root you can uproot all that is not necessary. You become new.

When you do this you will be in control of your mind, emotions, thoughts and habits.

Then others and situations can no longer control you.

This course is the distilled essence of principles and practices that helped thousands of my clients in leading corporations to change their life 


Being in complete control of the emotions, thoughts that happen inside you

Being powerful enough to override any thought current or behavior pattern that you would want to change 

Being able to contribute positively to the growth and development of your loved ones

...the first step you should take to Reclaim your Life back from external control centers...

Become New

By Mastering three core elements of Personal Mastery

Mastery Over Emotions

Mastery Over Time

Mastery over your actions, habits

Tap into your inner wisdom, Anytime, Anyplace

On Enrolling Now you will get Instant access to 

All the pre-recorded video Lessons 

All the Study Materials that includes the workbook and frameworks 

Live Master Class Dates

Session 1 - May 21: 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM 

Session 2 - May 22 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM 

(Recording of the sessions would be available)

In this masterclass you will look and release yourself from every recurrent thought and habit that stop you from doing what you want to do. You will learn the most powerful tool that makes the most successful, successful. 

Dear Friend, I am Saravanan

Though I am certified in NLP, Hypnosis, and Regression I would dedicate most of my learning to the experience gained from working with more than thousands of students and clients. 

I am thankful for the trust they had reposed in me and together we have co-created a marvelously better life. 

In the last 25 years of my working experience with groups, and individuals in private and organizational settings; in Global Organizations like GE Healthcare, Novartis, and Sanofi I have realized that when you develop the inner power to handle what happens inside you, the power over external situations increase naturally. Not the other way about.

This program contains the most effective frameworks and practices that will help you break free from your own inner blocks and inner resistances. This will give you power and freedom to become stress and anxiety free naturally. 

If you are still contemplating, I invite you to reflect on the following questions:

How deep and refreshing is my sleep - Do I find difficulty in falling asleep?

How are my energy levels? How energetic am I at the end of the day. I am tired, Fatigued.

How well am I able to focus in my work? How productive am I? 

How happy are my relationships? Am I spending quality time with my children and partner?

How happy am I in life?

How is my health? Do I have any lifestyle diseases - Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Gastritis, Menstrual Problems etc.

On a scale of 0 - 10, with 10 being the highest: if your answer is below 6 or 7, then maybe there is an indication that stress is showing up.

Success should not make you feel stuck, trapped and constricted

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Become New - Integrated Personal Development Course - Curriculum

Part 1

Structure and Components and Functions of Your Being

Parts of being, Functional Interconnected, Independent - Interdependent - Interdependence

Practical application of One in many and Many in One

You will learn to appreciate the changes that happen within and precisely locate

Structure of Mind 

Anatomical Structure, Functional Structure - Vedantic view

Planes of Mental existence

Mental Operations 

Key learning - You will learn how your mind gets modified every moment experientially, You will learn the significance of stilling the mind.

Exercise for Practice

Two Realities - Sage Vyasa's Secret Language

Discrimination the key to precise knowledge.

You will understand the root of confusion and learn how to separate these two actions.


Anatomy of Action

The perception to action cycle - You will learn precisely what happens behind the scenes before you actually engage in action

Experiential Exercise 

Karma Part 1

What is Karma, How memory is stored, How memory is projected 

Vedic and Latest neuroscience findings

Science of Koshas - Layers within Layers

Significance of various layers of the body and the way they interact

You will learn the science of energy, mental, intelligence and the energetic body - Experientially

Karma Revisited

Karma and Koshas 

Life Cycle - What happens after death

Brief look at reincarnation science

Role of karma and Kosha in reincarnation

How the Body remembers

Functions of Mind in depth

Reincarnation and functioning of the mind

How the past influences the present

Ancestral Influence

Science of Transgenerational impact.

Contexts from Yoga Rahasya, Impact experiences in the womb

Mind development - Modern and Vedantic view

Impact of early and late childhood years

Childhood - Impacts in your childhood and how it is carried into life

Importance of right child development

Exercise - understanding key beliefs, introjections within me.

The origins of what I do and why I do what I do.

Structural impact of past over present

Brain structures, Habits
Origin of recurrent thoughts 

Spine - Ganglion role in brief


Ahimsa - No Harm the first observance

Relationships significance