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Online Meditation Program

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Meditate and Integrate Spiritual lessons of the Ancient Mystical Masters who stilled their mind at will

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What will you get from the One Year Online Meditation Course

365 Meditation Lessons by Email  

Lessons of the Ancients, Delivered One day at a time for one year. 

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Ancient Wisdom for Success today

Meditative lessons of ancient masters who knew to still their mind at will

Train & Elevate Your Mind to Higher levels of Focus, & Equanimity 
To Achieve More Success & Joy 

Inner Alignment

Reflections that align the unconscious and conscious; inner voices alignment - one voice

Energy Mastery

Create and Hold high energy within your system; avoid unnecessary unconscious dissipation 

Thought Mastery

Generate thoughts after reflection as you need, rather get entangled in thoughts that just arise


Unconscious competency to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life today.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional stability and protection in situations that can create emotional imbalance

Clarity and Focus

A Still mind sees what is without being unreasonably perturbed in challenging situations

Vairaagya - The Ancient Art of Stilling the Mind

@490/ per year

The most successful leaders & Achievers  Practice Meditation: Why the One Year Online Meditation Course?

Boosts inner confidence, Leadership qualities 

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Thought Mastery
  • Inner Alignment
  • Ability to create a positive vibrant state at ease
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Goal Achievement

Emotional Freedom and Resilience

  • Happy Relationships at Work and Home
  • Regular Meditation creates a happy stress-free state
  • Freedom from Unconscious Anxiety, Fear and erratic thoughts
  • Emotional  Mastery

Calm, Vibrant Brain, Healthy Nerves and a Perceptive Mind

  • Regular Meditation increases Intelligence at any age
  • Increases neural connections and enhances nerve health
  • Create a vibrant neural and hormonal Chemistry

Vairaagya - Meditations

Vairagya, is the state of mind that is unaffected by external situations, a mind that is highly perceptive to sense what is happening within itself and what is happening outside, yet unaffected by what happens is an equanimous and an emotionally resilient mind. 

Daily Practices to train your Mind to be Equanimous and Emotionally resilient 

Meditation Lessons Curated by


Yoga Practitioner for 25 Years Plus, MS Yogic Sciences, Psychology

Facilitated transformation in Individuals and Groups 


Integrates Vedic-Yogic-Upanishadic Science for transformation in Coaching and Healing sessions.

An Equivanimous, Calm, Still Mind is the best gift you can give for yourself and to those you Love


The One Year Online Meditation Program 

Online Meditation Course

365 Lessons on Meditation - Delivered one day at a time to your inbox

24 Live Meditation Sessions over a period of one year.



A Sample Meditative Lesson

Colors blind the eye - Sounds deafen the ears.

Eyes blind your vision and ears thus may not help you her the right information – The Tao.

I see a leaf. What thoughts come to me immediately? Do I act on the leaf as my eyes see it or as per the meaning I have made out of it?

I see a person who I like. What emotions get triggered inside me?

Do I react to him as he or she is now in front of me or do I act as per the emotions and thoughts that have got triggered in me?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes, with the present then am I hearing it right or seeing it right.

To see what is and to hear what is needs a deep sense of grounding and great energy.

The practice of the above can lead one to be a Vairaagi. The one that is not influenced by the emotions and thoughts that are not related to the current. The one who has a mastery over one’s own emotions and thoughts. Simple daily practices can help you develop this powerful quality.

You may try this exercise with an image of a person.

Where are the thoughts and emotions coming from?

How much of these emotions influence my interaction with this person?

Who are the people in my life and what are the situations in my life where these emotions and thoughts get triggered?

How will my life be if I can choose to keep or do away with these emotions and thoughts?

When these emotions and thoughts are there in me, what power do I have to be as I am when I interact with this person?

Do I remember what this person told me in my interactions with him?

 How much of this interference is influencing my life now?

How free will I be when I keep myself away from these inner voices and images?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes,

Can you spend five minutes today both morning and evening meditating on the above aspect?

Choose a calm place where you would not be disturbed for around ten minutes. Choose an image or an object and place that in front of you. Bring yourself fully into space with two or three relaxed breaths. Observe what thoughts that come up as you see the image or the object; and see if you can see the photo or the object devoid of the thoughts and emotions that come up. Grounded just on your breath just be with an image or the object for a period of three-five minutes.


Sample of a Video Guided Meditation

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