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A mind that is calm and clear can stay focussed and learn deep

Friends, Regular Meditation Practice brings immense benefits beyond what one can imagine. Meditation happens with regular focussed training of the mind. One's ability to succeed, grow and be joyful in today's context is directly proportional to one's ability to work deep and focussed. In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, irrespective of what your role is - parent, teenager, entrepreneur, professional, employee, employer, etc 'the ability to still your mind at will' could be one differentiating factor that will determine success, growth, and happiness. 


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My endeavor with the One-Year Online meditation is to offer guided practices that naturally create - sustain a calm and clear state of mind. A state of mind that is still, yet directed toward achieving a consciously defined goal.

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How to overcome overthinking?

Continuous activity of the mind is experienced as overthinking and uncontrollable negative thoughts. You can train your mind to be calm.

Brain studies have found, among other things, that meditation can deactivate the area of the brain that’s thought to be responsible for mind chatter—the default mode network (DMN).

Forbes Magazine - Meditation helps quell negative thoughts

Regular Meditation is a powerful - simple tool to overcome negative emotions related to anxiety, depression, stress. Regular Meditation improves focus, clarity, and inner calmness. Register Now - Just 490/Yr for one year

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I read an article in The Entrepreneur magazine, where the author has given five reasons for meditating regularly.

Regular meditation boosts creativity

 You can do the practices even at your office desk 

Mediation settles your mind, improves mood, and brings out clarity and focus.

You can do it anytime anywhere 

 Financially it costs less that INR 2 per day (36 Online guided meditations and 365 meditative contexts delivered daily by mail) 

Friends, the most successful and busiest celebrities in the world swear by meditation and yoga. The key reason is meditation helps to align your body and energy seamlessly. 

Jeff Weiner, Ratan Tata, and most of the top CEOs swear by regular Meditation Practice. They have the time, do you have. "Nothing opened my eyes like meditation - Hugh Jackman"

Online Meditation

As per a study result published in Healthline, Regular Meditation practice helps overcome stress, depression, anxiety

12 Science-based effects of Meditation 

Reduces Stress, Controls Anxiety, Promotes Emotional Health, Enhances Self - Awareness, Lengthens attention span, May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss, May Generate Kindness, May Help Fight addictions, Improves Sleep, Reduces Pain, Controls Blood Pressure, Easily accessible

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Day One Meditative Context

Colors blind the eye - Sounds deafen the ears.

Eyes blind your vision and ears thus may not help you her the right information – The Tao.

I see a leaf. What thoughts come to me immediately? Do I act on the leaf as my eyes see it or as per the meaning I have made out of it?

I see a person who I like. What emotions get triggered inside me ?

Do I react to him as he or she now in front of me or do I act as per the emotions and thoughts that have got triggered in me?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes, with the present then am I hearing it right or seeing it right.

To see what is and to hear what is needs a deep sense of grounding and great energy.

The practice of the above can lead one to be a Vairaagi. The one that is not influenced by the emotions and thoughts that are not related to the current. The one who has a mastery over one’s own emotions and thoughts. Simple daily practices can help you develop this powerful quality.

You may try this exercise with an image of a person.

Where are the thoughts and emotions coming from?

How much of these emotions influence my interaction with this person?

Who are the people in my life and what are the situations in my life where these emotions and thoughts get triggered?

How will my life be if I can choose to keep or do away with these emotions and thoughts?

When these emotions and thoughts are there in me, what power do I have to be as I am when I interact with this person?

Do I remember what this person told me in my interactions with him?

 How much of this interference is influencing my life now?

How free will I be when I keep myself away from these inner voices and images?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes,

Can you spend five minutes today both morning and evening meditating on the above aspect?

Choose a calm place where you would not be disturbed for around ten minutes. Choose an image or an object and place that in front of you. Bring yourself fully into space with two or three relaxed breaths. Observe what thoughts that come up as you see the image or the object; and see if you can see the photo or the object devoid of the thoughts and emotions that come up. Grounded just on your breath just be with the image or the object for a period of three-five minutes.

Meditation - Day 0

Please sit in a calm undisturbed place and follow the instructions.