Learn to eliminate Stress, Anxiety in 'One' Day

Learn the proven ' Automatic Realignment Process' Diffuse Tension and Pressure at work instantly; Be more valued, and respected. Experience true freedom and Security. Bring back Vitality, Vibrancy, and joy into your life. 

Can I learn to be Stress-Free in one day...

My answer is yes. If you dedicate one day, of your time, energy, and focus you can learn it in one day.

Stress management is not a skill that has to be learned over a lifetime. 

You can learn it one day and experience change from tomorrow.

 Enroll and take the course that has been designed from the most effective coaching principles that have transformed thousands of my clients to lead a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Learn to apply them in one day. Start living life differently from tomorrow.

I assure you, It takes only one day to learn. A Learning that will change your life.

Demanding work, Monotonous Job, Discrimination, Politics, Insecurity, Increasing Commitments Loans, Children's Education: How do I navigate and Succeed?

Stress, anxiety are natural consequences of high-pressure work situations in Sales, Project Management, Services Delivery 

Even more when your success is dependent on people who are in your team

Your boss may be demanding more from you, overloading you with more than the work assigned to you 

Maybe you have to meet your revenue and sales targets or deliver projects or complete many service calls directly or with a team that has a few people who are not cooperative

Or maybe you are being sidelined when it comes to the promotion and growth that comes up or when it comes to a salary hike

Office politics, unproductive meetings, discussions

Choose the One Day Stress Management Program 

Learn the top 7 tools that can help you stay focused and navigate your way to success in any situation. You will learn the following:

1. Thought Mastery

Convert every thought into a positive one. 15 minutes of Regular thought mastery practice for positive states.

2. Thought Organisation

Instant thought organization formula that will help thoughts to settle as fast as they arise for Freedom, Clarity, Focus

3. R R R Tool

Relax Release Reprogram tool helps you to instantly access efficient stress-free states - Instantly

4.Dissolve Inner Resistance

Learn and practice tools that can resolve inner resistance to change. To rid of old habits and develop healthy habits

5. Rejuvenation Practice

Regular Rejuvenation plan. as short as 3 minutes or as long as 30 minutes to heal and prepare all layers of being

6. Resilience Training

A learning process that can help you be yourself, unperturbed and untouched in any given situation.

7. The Master - Automatic Realignment Tool

To create, sustain and be in your most efficient state in any given situation is one quality that most successful business and political leaders have mastered. You can learn it in one day and gain mastery with simple daily practice. Our goal is not to succeed at any cost. But Succeed right so you can continue to be a success in all areas that matter to you. Material abundance, Relationships, and Health.


I am Saravanan. Over the last 15 years, I have coached thousands of clients to overcome stress and inner fear and break inner resistance and succeed. My experience in Global Organizations in sales, marketing, and training gives me a direct understanding of what executives and managers go through when it comes to working with deadlines and meeting, delivering on expectations

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If work pressure, sales goals, and other deliverables pressure make you sleepless, tired, and tense, let me tell you...

...You are not alone. Your bosses and managers are also struggling with the same and the most common error that people make when dealing with pressure is either overworking, overthinking, or suppressing. When none of these work they do something that they can or become numb or freeze, hoping something to happen.

this works sometimes. Yet the most efficient way to overcome situations that create stress is learning to handle what happens inside you and outside you right. so that you do not expect something to happen and change your life. 

This will make you more secure, and motivated and achieve success consistently, right.

The 'Automatic Realignment System' that most successful CEOs apply is what you will learn and apply will help your get your center, safe and secure. You can win over any situation with ease.

If you are stressed with overthinking, Negativity, insecurity, and fear know that it's not your fault. How!

'You have been told who you are, who you are supposed to become, what you are supposed to do and what can happen if you don't in many different ways; without enough time being given to explore and discover that yourself. 

Since birth and all through schooling and college, most of us have been unconsciously trained to conform, and obey to an extent that we do not even know that we are stuck within our own deeper unconscious beliefs. 

We have been told what to think and also how to think within a certain framework that unconsciously bred fear of punishment and makes us seek instant pleasure by conforming.

You can become free of the conditioned and conflicting parts within you by applying out automated realignment system that can help you restore balance and help you come back to your center, no matter what.

A mind that organizes thoughts so clear, calm, focussed

And you can learn to train your mind in one day...One day can change your life..

Let the day be today

Top high-earning Successful players become so, not by playing with weak opponents. What makes them succeed?

How to Succeed? Focus, Thought organization, Emotional Management

Top players do not become so by scoring on empty fields or by playing with weak opponents. 

In fact, the truth is the higher you grow, the more will be a competitive intensity and the more you may have to work with people who have tasted success.

Hence giving up or crumbling under pressure is not an option

 To excel in any area of life, politics, business, career, or sports can happen when you learn and apply powerful stress and emotional management skills. The earlier you learn and start practicing, the quicker and faster you would be in the growth track.

Experiencing tiredness, Fatigue at work and home. And despite that do you find yourself staying awake unable to sleep!

Millions worldwide are affected by Work stress...Insomnia, etc.

Do you know that the human brain consumes 20 times more energy than any other part of your body? 

When you overthink, overanalyze, and suppress emotions this leads to fatigue, weakness, and tiredness. 

This increases fear and anxiety. 

You can learn the powerful automated realignment process that helps to return to balance, instantly. You can reduce minutes and hours of overthinking. stop the energy drain. 

The most common mistake people do in name of relaxation is indulging in entertainment that keeps emotions high and the mind even more restless. 

The Program includes seven guided rejuvenation practices. Rejuvenate anytime, anyplace in less than 7 minutes...

You will learn to create a relaxed calm mind that thinks differently

You can get rid of negativity and entanglement in recurrent thought loops that make you fatigued and tired.

You can download and practice the most calming rejuvenation practices and practice them anytime anyplace.

We have short practices that you can learn and practice yourself in any place without anyone knowing that you are practicing.

Inaction is the worst form of action

Inaction freezes initiative, vibrancy, and drains energy. 

Inaction makes one live a compromised life filled with insecurity, and hope that something will change somehow. 

You may think that you are doing anything, but the unconscious mind keeps scheming continuously filling you with recycled thoughts and making you stuck with old habits.  

Many people try to overcome with self-help books and by listening to motivational talks. These can give an illusion of freedom and happiness you know that the effects do not last long.

To become stress-free, to succeed one has to get into conscious action.

Motivation talks and lectures keep your emotions high for some time, yet when the emotions fall back the impact is lost.

The one-day stress Management program for personal mastery 

I Break the routine lecture mode and replace that with practical exercises

You work with your real life challenges experientially within a powerful framework that will help you identify, release and reprogram

When you learn, understand, and organize your thoughts within a tight framework, your thoughts get organized and you get clarity. With clarity, transformation begins to happen.

Most of my clients and students experience the inner shift by the time they learn this art of organizing their thoughts within a framework

You will get in this program a powerful framework that has helped more than thousands of my students reorganize their life and succeed in their careers and business with strong family bonding and support. 

Freedom to create new habits, behaviors, and thought patterns with emotional mastery...

And the good news is you can learn this in under 60 -90 minutes...

I will guide you step by step in this process with help of real-life examples gathered from my own personal life and the life of my clients and help you organize what happens inside your brain within the framework of the  Automatic realignment and Balancing methodology that can help you with three most important qualities need to succeed with ease.

1. Create new healthy habits by releasing yourself from recurrent compulsive thinking that is holding you now

2. Training to convert any thought to a positive thought. A powerful process that can create a positive inner state instantly

3. Create your own inner balance no matter what happens outside you.

Just 60-90 minutes in One Day to learn. 

Practice anyplace anytime for a few minutes daily. You can protect yourself from getting entangled with situations and people who constantly keep pushing you off-balance.

If your desire is to  break free of the feeling of monotony that seems to drain you

Or maybe you are wondering to restart your career or start a new career...

Start with our goals organization process and find yourself with the confidence and inner sense of direction to take action NOW!

Coach yourself to accomplish...learn it all in one day...

Wondering how to rebuild your career or start a new career

Are you thinking about starting your own venture, but wondering how and where to begin

Worried about balancing your domestic - family priorities and career

You will get the direction when you invest your time with our fully online personal mastery course

In One day you will integrative rejuvenation practices that can enhance your energy quality. You feel fresh and be ready for any meeting or activity