For the one who has mastered the mind, the mind is the greatest friend. For it is through the mind can you achieve. For the one who has not mastered the mind, the mind is the greatest enemy...The Bhagavat Gita 

Master the Core Ideas, Methods and Principles of Self Hypnosis             @ INR 984/- New Year offer Price

Whatever be the stage in life or age you are in, the Self Hypnosis Practitioner Program from Garbhaham has the power to shape your destiny.

This is also the Foundation Course for advanced Hypnotherapy Studies

This Online Self Hypnosis Course

is ideal for Self Hypnosis Beginners and experienced hypnotherapists too as this includes the Eastern Hypnotherapeutic Principles. This Course has been created by Sarvanan, Internationally Certified Hypnotherapist (GHSC UK), Past Life Regression Therapy Specialist Accredited by European Association on Regression Therapist and Richard Bandler Certified NLP Practitioner. Saravanan is also QCI Govt of India Certified and IAYT accredited Yoga Therapist.

The course incorporates integrative models of transformation from a range of Western tools and Esoteric Tools of the East, including Vedantic Processes which you can learn apply to empower yourself, Your team and family members.

When you align the goals and operations of the subconscious mind with consciously created goals life happens like magic.

Have you ever wondered as to why it becomes difficult to go beyond a certain level of success, happiness or abundance in life?   

Despite all efforts success and happiness seems to elude? Its either one or the other. 

Success in one area of life happens compromising other areas. For example material growth at the cost of health or at the cost of compromised relationships.

After a certain age, life feels like moving around in recurrent patterns of success and failure, happiness and sadness; in ups and downs.

Life seems to running as per a certain program. 

When the desire to break free from the program that seems to run life takes over then its time to learn the art of mastering the mind. 
Welcome to the Online Self Hypnosis Course. Self Hypnosis is the most ancient art of mind mastery. 

Self Hypnosis is about learning to use the powers of the mind to achieve your goals, without any distraction, despite challenges

welcome to self hypnosis training for personal and professional transformation @ Just INR 984

What you will learn in the Self Hypnosis Program?

Deeper Understanding of Who you are, Your Core beliefs and values

Understanding of Various roles you currently play

You will also understand your self Limiting beliefs and how to overcome

How your mind Functions - Understanding from the Western and Vedic Tools

You will learn processes to apply the understanding to reprogram your unconscious mind

Reprograming your unconscious and aligning the goals will enhance your confidence, communications skills, negotiation skills, rapport building, public speaking and selling skills

Practices to create powerful states at will help you to influence and persuade with confidence and power at home and office. 

Application frameworks to elevate your personal and professional leadership skills to higher level.

Additional benefits of Self Hypnosis training

Being able to create a positive internal state will help you deal with and overcome life issues related to health, stress and debts better. 

You can make conscious choices to make decisions including career shift, etc. by applying the processes we teach you in the Self Hypnosis Course

You can move towards more conscious living
You can also channelize your thoughts towards building excellence in areas you desire.

conscious mind can focus on one thing at a time. 

the unconscious can handle infinite activites at a time. the unconscious mind directs the conscious mind. hence the goals and the functionings of the unconscious mind should be aligned with the conscious mind

maharishi patanjali the father of mind mastery psychology

Exclusive Benefits of doing Self Hypnosis with Garbhaham

Integrates Eastern Principles of Mind and Emotional Mastery with Western Principles. Very few know that Vedic and Yogic Psychology, Including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, have powerful frameworks to harness the full potential of the mind

Practices that can help you to progressively still the mind and allow the mind to function at its fullest potential even in the most challenging situations

Practical Frameworks to apply and process real life situations to master emotions, thoughts and actions

A short lesson on how altered states of consciousness would help to achieve goals faster

Learning to be in deeper states of consciousness will allow you to experience deep healing states for hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Theta healing etc.,

Go beyond current levels of success and Happiness

Life moves in recurrent patterns when it operates within the scope of unconscious programing. 

Reprogram your subconscious mind using self hypnosis. Enroll and Join Millions who choose to learn and use the power of Hypnosis to Empower yourself and others 

If you have a deep driving desire to experience more freedom, joy and happiness, then hypnosis could be the answer.

What you will learn in this Online Self Hypnosis Program as you discover your true inner power?

Hypnosis Techniques to access subconscious mind 

Hypnosis Induction techniques to go into trance by yourself 

Place blueprint of your goal in your subconscious mind

Discover Inner Power

Achieve Goals Build Confidence

Healthy Stress Management

Whatever be your goal or Stage in life, you can achieve them with more ease when goals in your unconscious mind is aligned with your conscious goals

Financial Success and Abundance

Financial Security and Growth beyond known levels needs support of the unconscious mind

Deeper Intimacy, Joy in Relationships

Attract right relationships in your life. Overcome negative, sticky, entangled relationship patterns

Easy Career Growth and Scale Business

When the unconscious forces within work more your success, success becomes more easy

One Program with twin benefits

Learn and apply tools for transformation practically with Deep Knowledge of How Hypnosis works

Personal, Professional Transformation

The tools and techniques in this course will help you transform your personal and professional life, phenomenally

Hypnotherapy Foundations

The Course covers the psychology of altered states of consciousness, the fundamentals for anyone aspiring to become a Hypnotherapist

This course is suitable for everyone who love to get the benefits of harnessing the power of the subconscious mind





Team Leaders

Software Eng

Sales Leaders

Sales Professionals


Online Hypnosis Training comes with...

Complete Video Lessons on principles and techniques of Self Hypnosis - Life Time Access

30 hours Plus Recorded Video Lessons

Apply and See your real life challenges through the lens of the Self Hypnosis Framework

Frameworks to Process Real time Challenges

21 Minute Guided Self Hypnosis Induction Process: 7 Minutes a Day To Transform

Programing to Help Manifest Dreams

The Self Hypnosis Course Curriculum in detail

Zooming in - Identifying Your needs and Goal

What is hypnosis

What is self hypnosis, guided Hypnotherapy, regression therapy

What are my needs and Goals

What are the obstacles

Deep dive into origin of the obstacles  - the Real reason

How the past interferes in the present and how altered states of consciousness helps to overcome recurrent patterns

Discovering Inner resistance and Blocks

Discovering How the relapse happens

The Mind and How it works

Western Perspective of the mind, its working and functions

Parts of the mind - Functional approach

The Mind from the Yogic Perspective

States of mind

The Mind - As we approach in Self Hypnosis

Training Your Mind for Change

What is hypnosis - Recap

What is self hypnosis, guided Hypnotherapy, regression therapy - Recap

Connecting the Mind - Heart - Body

Neurobiological Process of Change

Self Hypnosis training - create and be in hypnotic vibration 

Self Hypnosis to Connect with the higher self

Techniques to create and be in trance

Ways to know that you are in trance

Directing your mind when in hypnosis

Applying Self Hypnosis for Self Improvement and Self Empowerment with Real Life Application tools

Lessons and tools to improve Self esteem - Confidence

Working with words and scripting your success with Self Hypnosis Steps

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, Phobia with Self Hypnosis

Learn to Use Hypnosis to build confidence and happiness

Getting rid of Anger 

Overcoming Insomnia with Self Hypnosis

Hypnotic tools to overcome Obesity

Fostering Good relationships with Self Hypnosis

Guided Hypnotic Processes to Plant your goal in your Subconscious

Access to a 30 Minute Hypnotic Process to plant your goal that you wish to manifest in your life

You will with practice, learn to use self hypnosis to reprogram your unconscious


Discover the Real You

with Self Hypnosis

Break free from inner fears

Dissolve the internal battle

Dissolve the inner resistance to change

Become New

BONUS COURSE - Dream Interpretation

Dreams show what is actually happening in your unconscious mind

Dreams communicate to you in an abstract language which is different from known meanings

You need not read thousands of pages to learn dream interpretation

Your dream is unique to you and how your unconscious mind perceives and may direct your life

Dream Interpretation Course is based on the Ancient method to interpret and open up your life to the new 

Dream Interpretation Course

Course valued at INR 1200 offered Free of Cost with the Self Hypnosis Course, if you buy now! 

Lessons on Dream Interpretation with a easy powerful framework to process your dreams

Self Hypnosis training helps you to access and be in the 'Flow State' whenever you need

Happy Relationships with Self Hypnosis

More Career - Business & Financial Success

Healthy - Vibrant - Joyful Self  Hypnosis

Additional Benefits of Learning Self - Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis for Insomnia:  Improve quality of sleep, hot flushes, manage mood changes. Simple seven minute practice to sleep like a baby

Pain Management - Reduce or tolerate pain. Joint pain, headaches, cancer pain, arthritis pain, post surgical pain, post trauma pain 

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Increase food quantity awareness during meals, Improve Body image, Reduce binge - stress - emotional eating

Self Empowerment: Build Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Improve Concentration, Focus, Improved decision making, EQ

General Hypnotherapy Standards, UK Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner

.European Association Of Regression Therapists, Netherlands, PLR Therapy