Integrated 'Self Hypnosis' Course Online

By Saravanan, Spiritual Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist, Yoga Therapist - India

Learn to align the power in your subconscious mind with your conscious mind and Transform your life 

To create and sustain in a Hypnotic (Flow State) state of mind is an essential technique for success and growth in all areas of life

Who can choose to learn and practice Self Hypnosis





Team Leaders

Software Eng

Sales Leaders

Sales Professionals


Self Hypnosis is not going into trance and forgetting oneself - Self Hypnosis is learning to function from a deeply aware, relaxed and conscious state

Self Hypnosis is not Manipulating yourself and Others. Self Hypnosis is a process to create a conscious goal that is in alignment with existence and your overall goals; then use the hypnotic state of mind to make it happen

Self Hypnosis is not something new. Hypnotic state of mind is a state where your brain vibrates at a lower frequency. This gives more clarity and focus. You go into hypnotic state before you go to sleep. You become in a way hypnotic when you read a book, watch a movie. In all these functions you become hypnotic unconsciously. In self hypnosis you go into hypnotic state consciously

Your goal could be a secure financial success for you and your loved ones, better relationships, career growth, scaling your business profitably, vibrant health...or you may want to help your child have a bright happy future..

Whatever be your goal, you can achieve them with ease and also help your loved ones achieve their goals with ease when you learn to align the goals of your unconscious mind with your conscious mind. This is the essence of all that self empowerment principles in the Self - Hypnosis program

Top reasons to Learn & Practice Self - Hypnosis 

Boost Mindfulness and Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Naturally

Ease from feelings of Anxiety

Manage emotions better - Emotional Intelligence, EQ

Self Hypnosis for reducing insomnia is a natural way to sleep better

Increase Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Quit Smoking

Become more creative

Learn to reduce and tolerate pain due to many conditions - 

Empower yourself Face the unknown with less fear


Hi, I am Saravanan. I specialize in an Integrative ' Mind - Body - Brain' approach to healing and transformation. 

With more than 15000 hours of coaching and training experience. In this program I offer the same integrated framework with which thousands of clients have got amazing transformation in their careers, financial growth; they were able to rediscover happiness, joy in their relationships.

Integrated Self Hypnosis: How is it different from other Self - Hypnosis Programs

Self Hypnosis Course Online comes with two unique benefits as I have integrated the specialized hypnosis process with the world's most ancient and safe psychological processes of Yoga and Vedanta..

The program will offer

1. Emotional and Physiological wellness that will help you achieve your personal, professional and financial goals with ease

2. Spiritual Growth and Progress: You will be able to be stay connected with your deepest self for extended periods of time which transforms the overall quality of intelligence of your mind. 

You will be able to stay calm, focused and as the same time relaxed and joyful within. This is because the practices in the program will help you connect with the deeper source of intelligence within you

Students share their experience?

"Freedom and internal permission to create the life I want to...better relationships with people who are important to the change I experience within my self"

Anitha - Entrepreneur, Fitness Chain

Discovered the inner power to own and live my life the way I want to

The power to own and take responsibility for my life...


I came with issues in relationships, confidence, and health issues..every session was a new opening with insights and clarity.. I started with hesitation but working with Saravanan was comfortable that I was able to share safely. The sessions were like a life-saving jacket when I was struggling to swim. I now enjoy swimming and am sailing too.'

Conscious mind proposes - Unconscious mind Disposes

How and Why?

In the next two minutes you will understand what I mean by this.

Ram wanted a fit body. He was overweight and was experiencing breathlessness. 

Conscious mind - " from tomorrow I will get up early, exercise. I will eat healthy food'

Goal is to be happy, healthy and joyful after reducing weight.

Unconscious mind within Ram, Shouts out when he is about to get up, " Sleep for some more time'. " just for today let me have the ice-cream'

Goal of the unconscious mind - is to be happy and joyful. 

The unconscious mind has been trained to get happiness and joy by sleeping more, eating more. 

Weight reduction plans go for a toss.

Misalignment between unconscious mind and conscious mind shows up in most aspects of life...

Most students want to study with more focus and concentration. Yet they are not able to. The unconscious mind is trained to derive happiness by watching a favorite movie, moving with friends, binging etc. 

In relationships one wants to give and accept love. To be free. Yet to love one needs to break free from inner resistance. In my experience most people express anger, frustration easily rather then express love and affection. Most feel weak. They are worried if they may be considered weak and vulnerable. Then relationships fail. People live close physically but are distanced mentally. 

The subconscious mind has been trained to believe that distancing is the way to be safe. Conscious mind wants safety and joy of companionship, the unconscious mind opposes as it wants safety by being lonely

When in comes to career growth, financial growth you may be surprised to know that more than 90% of working hours is spent on unproductive work. Work that does not produce results. Work that does not lead to wealth creation. This leads to loss of time and the last minute rush to produce results. 

Conscious mind loves to work but the unconscious mind loves to involve in activities that give instant pleasure. It justifies and so time is wasted.

The major source of anxiety, stress, insomnia is due to the inability to direct one's energy toward the desired goal. This affects relationships, health etc.

Impact/Effect of Conscious - Subconscious mind misalignment 

Struggle to make money and create wealth

Insecurity, fear, fear of loss, restlessness etc., even after achieving your goals

Decreasing emotional well being - more anger, fear, anxiety, frustration 

Negative thoughts and recurrent failures - stagnating life

Less happiness in marriage 

Less Love and intimacy in relationships

Feeling alone, Lonely, deprived of companionship

Onset of Life style diseases, lack of energy and vibrancy - Diabetes, Irregular Periods, Hypertension, Hormonal Dysfunction, Thyroid Dysfunction, Impaired Sexual Health ( Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, etc.,)

Aligning the subconscious mind with the goals of the conscious mind unlocks immense power as your mind functions as one

Unlocking the powers in the subconscious mind using altered states of consciousness is a natural way to elevate to a higher level in life. 

Self Hypnosis,  is a powerful, easy to practice self empowerment tool to help you to access unlimited power within you

Discover the Real You

Online Self Hypnosis Course

Break free from inner fears

Dissolve the internal battle

Dissolve the inner resistance to change

Become New

The Best Personal Development tool to gain freedom From Unconscious Beliefs that control your life

Unconscious Boundaries show up as internal thought patterns

"I know what I need to do; I know how I need to act; I know the answers, but I am not able to do what I need to do! '

" How do I come out of my past repetitive behavior and thinking patterns"

" My challenges never seem to end. It is one thing after the other'

 ' I want something. yet I get something'

 " I get what I need, yet I am not able to sustain my happiness levels' 

" I have a fluctuating cycle of emotions- very happy at times, very sad at times."

'I keep thinking negatively, how do I Stop this? similar thought patterns'

Self Hypnosis is one of the best Self Improvement Psychology tools that can help you overcome challenges with more ease and less effort. 

Reduce working endlessly Hoping life will change on its own 

If your desire is to be more successful and more happy the Self Hypnosis offers a easy

What you will get in the course

Complete Video Lessons on principles and techniques of Self Hypnosis - Life Time Access

30 hours Plus Recorded Video Lessons

Apply and See your real life challenges through the lens of the Self Hypnosis Framework

Frameworks to Process Real time Challenges

21 Minute Guided Self Hypnosis 'Dream Life manifestation' Session

Manifest your Dreams @ 7 Minutes a Day

The Self Hypnosis Course Curriculum in detail

Zooming in - Identifying Your needs and Goal

What is hypnosis

What is self hypnosis, guided Hypnotherapy, regression therapy

What are my needs and Goals

What are the obstacles

Deep dive into origin of the obstacles  - the Real reason

How the past interferes in the present and how altered states of consciousness helps to overcome recurrent patterns

Discovering Inner resistance and Blocks

Discovering How the relapse happens

The Mind and How it works

Western Perspective of the mind, its working and functions

Parts of the mind - Functional approach

The Mind from the Yogic Perspective

States of mind

The Mind - As we approach in Self Hypnosis

Training Your Mind for Change

What is hypnosis - Recap

What is self hypnosis, guided Hypnotherapy, regression therapy - Recap

Connecting the Mind - Heart - Body

Neurobiological Process of Change

Self Hypnosis training - create and be in hypnotic vibration 

Self Hypnosis to Connect with the higher self

Techniques to create and be in trance

Ways to know that you are in trance

Directing your mind when in hypnosis

Applying Self Hypnosis for Self Improvement and Self Empowerment with Real Life Application tools

Lessons and tools to improve Self esteem - Confidence

Working with words and scripting your success with Self Hypnosis Steps

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, Phobia with Self Hypnosis

Building Self Esteem with Self Hypnosis

Getting rid of Anger from the system

Overcoming Insomnia with Self Hypnosis

Hypnotic tools to overcome Obesity

Self Hypnosis to overcome unhealthy eating habits

Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis to reduce drinking

Fostering Good relationships with Self Hypnosis

Guided Hypnotic Processes to Plant your goal in your Subconscious

Access to a 30 Minute Hypnotic Process to plant your goal that you wish to manifest in your life

You will with practice, learn to use self hypnosis to reprogram your unconscious

BONUS COURSE - Dream Interpretation

Dreams show what is actually happening in your unconscious mind

Dreams communicate to you in an abstract language which is different from known meanings

You need not read thousands of pages to learn dream interpretation

Your dream is unique to you and how your unconscious mind perceives and may direct your life

Dream Interpretation Course is based on the Ancient method to interpret and open up your life to the new 

Dream Interpretation Course Online

Course valued at INR 1200 offered Free of Cost with the Self Hypnosis Course, if you buy now! 

Lessons on Dream Interpretation with a easy powerful framework to process your dreams

Learn Hypnosis Course for Self Improvement and Help Your Self

One learning to you can apply self hypnosis tools for self improvement in the following areas:
Build Self Esteem
Build Self Confidence - Self Confidence Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is also known as a natural process to create, access and be in a hypnotic 'flow state' of mind

Have you ever seen Roger Federer play tennis. He glides through the court and he is still accurate with his shots?

Have you wondered how top footballers like Ronaldo, fly through the ground managing the football through the barrage of opponents?

When to comes to cricketers, on a certain day they get their shots naturally irrespective of the type of field or the bowling speed. the decimate the bowlers. One those days they are said to be in the flow state.

Similarly even in your life you would have been at your best on certain days or certain time of a day. Imagine if you can be in the same state for longer periods. 

This is what Self Hypnosis is about and hence self hypnosis is also known as a natural process to be in the 'Flow state'


Self Hypnosis training helps you to access and be in the 'Flow State' whenever you need

Learn Self Hypnosis techniques - Anytime Anywhere @ INR 984.00

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Happy Relationships with Self Hypnosis

More Career - Business & Financial Success

Healthy - Vibrant - Joyful Self  Hypnosis

Benefits of Learning Self - Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis for Insomnia:  Improve quality of sleep, hot flushes, manage mood changes. Simple seven minute practice to sleep like a baby

Pain Management - Reduce or tolerate pain. Joint pain, headaches, cancer pain, arthritis pain, post surgical pain, post trauma pain 

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Increase food quantity awareness during meals, Improve Body image, Reduce binge - stress - emotional eating

Self Empowerment: Build Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Improve Concentration, Focus, Improved decision making, EQ

What is Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a practice to align the actions and goals in your Unconscious Mind with the Conscious Mind 

Conscious mind is a part of the mind in the top. 

Every one has an aspiration to get the best and give the best.

To love and give love: To earn money ethically, honestly and achieve financial security and growth: to be healthy vibrant and disease free; To live long and happy are common aspirations.

It is with those aspirations each of us study, work, earn money, date - develop relationships- live together, travel, entertain etc. Yet very few achieve these goals

Of them a very small percentage are happy and joyful.

Even after achieving what one wants, happiness seems to elude.

One may be financially successful, but health could be compromised.

Happiness, joy in relationships are by and larger confined to smiling faces in social media.

The reason is the goal of the unconscious mind is different from the goals of the conscious mind.

This leads to Overworking - Underworking - Lack of focus and Concentration - Failure - Resentment - Underperformance

This leads to lack of confidence - lack of self esteem - wealth creating capability.

This then spoils relationships and finally health

Learning and Practicing Self Hypnosis is a direct way to avoid moving in circles. 

An easy effective way to break free from old habits, and Become New

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