Success Rate of Hypnotherapy 


Hypnosis has a 93% success rate with fewer sessions than other forms of psychotherapy in changing thought patterns, behavior, and habits - Kimberly in Forbes

What if I say that the root causes of Fear, Phobia, and Panic are not what you are dealing with now 

Many international studies have shown that the root cause of fear could be the following:

Early Childhood Experiences, repressed into the Subconscious mind

Effects of Certain high-intensity traumatic experiences repressed into the unconscious, like separation from loved ones in the past, death of close family members, and accidents, etc.,

Family, and genetic factors including fear experiences experienced by ancestors.

With hypnosis, we can reach the subconscious mind and release the conscious from the past program and emotions embedded in the unconscious mind.

International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Science (IJNMS), Volume 4, - Source

Hypnotherapy significantly reduces fear, and Phobia in many conditions including

Social Phobia, Fear of Walking, Fear of crowds

Fear of Criticism, Fear of Failure, Fear of Talking to superiors

Lack of Confidence, Inferiority complex, poor body image

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No longer do you need to live with fear, anxiety, panic, and Phobia. 

We can walk you through the path to overcome stress, fear, and anxiety and live with confidence, and internal calmness; with immense Personal Power...

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If you are still wondering about how to overcome Fear and Anxiety Panic, Phobia with Help of Hypnosis

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We help you become get rid of Fear, Phobia, and Panic using three processes. 

Time Taken for one full session: 2.5 Hours


1. Chakra Balancing Work to Restore Energy Alignment 

2. Hypnotherapy for freedom from an emotionally entangled experience 

3. Breath and Movement Practice Training - DIY Training

Energy and Chakra Balancing using Crystals and Pranic Healing process to begin and end the sessions

Release emotional entanglements with the past experience that is the root cause and reprogram the mind

We teach you simple DIY breath and movement practices to restore healthy hormonal balance 

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Will Hypnotherapy Sessions to gain freedom from Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Panic, and Phobias