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Hypnotherapy Sessions to gain freedom from Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Panic and Phobias

How to overcome Fear and Anxiety Panic, Phobia with Help of Hypnosis

Take this Free Video tutorial to know what happens in a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Session that heals Fear, Anxiety, Phobia, and Panic attacks naturally. 

You can live a life free of fear

In Just 15 minutes you would learn the following?

What happens in a panic attack internally?

How phobia and Fear Changes body physiology

Role past traumatic experiences and how we can eliminate their influence

What happens in a Hypnosis Session?

How Energy System gets affected and How we can restore it?

What is ' Body Memory ' and why we should reduce the impact of body memory to overcome fear and anxiety attacks?


No longer do you need to live with fear, anxiety, panic, and Phobia. 

We can walk you through the path to overcome stress, fear, and anxiety and live with confidence, and internal calmness; with immense Personal Power...

Sarvanan, Coach 

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Certified Hypnotherapist 

Past Life Regression Therapist 

Yoga Therapist

What happens in a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session?

Time Taken for one full session: 2.5 Hours

One Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session to get rid of fear and anxiety will include the following: 

1. Chakra Balancing Work to Restore Energy Alignment 

2. Hypnotherapy for freedom from an emotionally entangled experience 

3. Breath and Movement Practice Training 

Why Quantum Healing with Hypnosis? 

Living in Constant Fear, Anxiety and Stress would have affected all layers of your being 

Energy Body - Energetic System could have gotten misaligned. Energies function through the spinal cord. So work to balance the Chakras (energy centers), release blocks, and restore alignment

Mind - Emotional Imbalance, Recurring Negative Thought Patterns. Hypnosis uses altered states of consciousness

Body - Stress and Fear triggering neural transmitters, Hormones

To overcome stress, anxiety, and fear we need to address all these layers effectively

So our Anxiety Treatment Protocol includes the following

Energy and Chakra Balancing using Crystals and Pranic Healing process to begin and end the sessions

Release emotional entanglements with the past experience that is the root cause and reprogram the mind

We teach you simple to do breath and movement practices to restore healthy hormonal balance 

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