Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, (the unconscious) will direct your life and you will call it fate...Carl Jung

Do you Know! 

The Most common cause of stuckness in life could be 

Pent up Past Emotions, unconscious beliefs accumulated since Childhood 

Toxic emotions of Past & Current Relationships 

Compulsive Negative thoughts and Emotional entanglement with Past Failures in Career, Business, Financial Loss etc.

 We help you gain Freedom from the Past that interferes with the present, before 'the past starts directing your life, making life dull, mechanical and stuck.

With our Sessions you get more power to live the life of your choice

Sarvanan, Hypnotherapist, Garbhaham, Recreate Yourself, Consciously

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No Matter whatever be the current challenge.. Together we can walk the path of creating a newer version of you, 

Become New, Stay New


Certified Hypnotherapist


I help individuals who feel stuck and overwhelmed with fear, insecurity, stress and anxiety that affects sleep quality, eventually affecting work and personal life. Within one month most of my clients get rid of anger, frustration, anxiety with better emotional balance; More confidence and focus at work.

I help Couples, Parents, teenage - adolescent children develop deeper deeper trust and bonding by overcoming possessiveness, anger and toxic emotions; A few sessions of couple therapy, family therapy and adolescent counselling increases awareness, responsible behavior, reduction in television - social media addiction leading to more effective communication, understanding; which eventually leads to more love, joy, and intimacy,

Business owners, Entrepreneurs and executives develop a better work-life balance, improve self esteem, overcome impact of past failures; they plan and execute on time avoiding procrastination leading to increased productivity, career growth and profitability.

I help Single parents, divorcees, clients seeking to invite partners in their life, get rid of past emotional baggage and traumatic experiences. They develop confidence and inner strength to create more loving relationships.

I combine 15 years my experience in training, coaching and healing by bringing together cognitive coaching frameworks, rapid transformation processes that uses hypnosis, and energy healing tools like crystal healing, Pranic healing and Reiki

To know more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Sessions - Please contact 91-7305971661 or 91-8754480667. 

Hypnotherapy and Healing sessions can be done in the Distance healing Online Mode and Direct Offline sessions

Wondering what is QHHT 

Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy?

I invite you to take this free video tutorial 

Explorations in Altered States of Consciousness

What You will learn?

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy?

How is Quantum Hypnosis different from traditional Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy?

What is Altered States of Consciousness?

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

You will also learn how Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy can help you bring about quick, sustainable and lasting change by opening you up to newer possibilities in your life

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis is potent tool to gain mastery over your mind, body and emotions. This is the most ancient tool used to help people overcome the following conditions effectively

This is on-demand webinar also comes with an in built training program which will give you a clear actionable framework to get rid of stress, anxiety and fear that impact life.

In addition you will also learn the following:

The power that is hidden in your subconscious and how to tap it?

Three powerful steps to attain emotional Mastery

The most effective way to train your mind to help you make more rich?

What is Hypnotherapy and how hypnosis works?

How is hypnosis and hypnotherapy training with me different from other coaching and training Processes?

When challenges come up in life most people choose to get advice or rely on Self help books. Some choose counselling and motivational talks. Many delay taking action assuming time will heal. You know that this rarely works,

The impact is short lived as the root cause of the problem is rarely addressed. 

This is because it is difficult to think and manage your thoughts and emotions as the the emotion - thought - action loop gets fired within a fraction of a second. 

To attain mastery over mind is key to mastery over life. 

Hypnosis is a tool that can help you gain mastery over your emotions and thoughts. 

This gives you mastery over your mind. 

Then Life happens the way you want it.

If we do not use the mind in the right way, the mind will make you run from one end to the other, all through your life resulting in tiredness, fatigue and demotivation.

When functioning in survival mode insecurity and stress manifest in all areas of your life.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, Insomnia OCD etc., are manifestations of stress.

In Relationships Stress manifests as frequent arguments, mistrust, lack of love and understanding, Possessiveness, lack of intimacy and bonding, incompatibility.

All these can lead to isolation, loneliness as though you are fighting a lone battle.
Then your work life, productivity and ability to succeed get affected. 

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you overcome your challenges and live life to fullest.

You can reprogram your unconscious mind and elevate your life to a higher level.

You can register and take the Free Training now and know more!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapy can be an answer!

To achieve more Success in life?

Integrated Hypnosis helps you to enhance your health, wealth, success, and Joy in relationships by helping you to release yourself from past entanglements and develop new patterns in the subconscious mind.

To overcome Stress and Anxiety

How to overcome fear-phobia, how to overcome anxiety are very common questions. Integrated Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis helps you release unconscious stress, Fear, Causes of Panic and Anxiety in the system.

For weight loss

Though stress eating-binging is a well known cause, Obesity is not necessarily a overeating problem. It has to do with metabolism and many other factors. If you are looking for weight loss hypnosis near me, contact us of holistic solutions

To Beat Insomnia

Restful sleep can energize, heal and re-vitalize. Yet when the unconscious is stressed, anxious, and fearful sleep gets affected. Self Hypnosis integrated with breath-body work will help you have a restful sleep. Contact us now.