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After years of Research the most powerful process to Succeed, Stress - Free by eliminating stress, and negativity from your life is here. You can learn the techniques in one day

Stress Effects! How stress affects career growth, Personal life, and Health

Stress Effects, Why Stress Management

First Manifestation of Stress: Disinterest in work, lack of motivation to work, lack of confidence, lethargy, fatigue, weakness, headaches, and body pains.

If you wish to overcome Insomnia, anxiety, fear, phobia, and panic manifest you should learn to get rid of stress.

When you are stressed, you may not be able to focus on work with a calm mind. This leads to work stress.

Secondly, Stress affects interpersonal relationships at the office and at home causing relationship issues.

Are frequently arguing, or being triggered by anger with your boss, colleagues, spouse, children, or parents then it could be a sign of deeper unconscious stress.

This will affect sleep and mental calmness leading to overthinking, negativity, and more emotional blockage

The more you suppress stress and the more you try to numb yourself with diversionary tactics, the more complicated stress effects become.

Suppressing emotions, binge eating, and unhealthy food habits can affect your relationships, personal life, emotional well-being – education of your children

Third, Unmanaged and Untreated stress is the major cause of the early onset of diabetes, hypertension, hormonal dysfunction, menstrual challenges,

Stress affects intimacy as stress depletes one of energy. Stress is the major cause of infertility, erectile dysfunction, and loss of interest in sex.

Stress thus can take the life out of life.

Who can derive benefit from this program? 

Executives in the IT, ITES, Sales, and Services industry who work stiff deadlines, answerable to multiple stakeholders like colleagues, team members, managers, and customers.

Team Leaders, Senior Managers, and Entrepreneurs whose success is dependent on team performance. With 'work from home' and 'remote office' has become a new norm that may stay forever, it is important that managers and leaders practice effective stress management strategies to succeed with composed.

For Homemakers...

If your dream is to rebuild your career or start a new career, become financially independent, and also support the growth of your children this 'Succeed Stress-Free Program' is for you.

Entrepreneurs, Executives, Senior Managers

The ability to stay focused, and relaxed for long hours can give you a competitive edge. Very few choose to learn the techniques early. Many wait and keep postponing action. They choose inaction, the worst form of action because stress can steal life from you silently

Succeed Stress-Free Program - Course Details

Price INR 460 – USD 9.00

Access – Lifetime access

Downloadable resources – Yes. Ebook with Frameworks and guidance can be downloaded

Instant Access

Location – Internet, online, Pre-recorded video training 

Timings – Anytime anywhere, You can access the course instantly, learn and practice

Live Interaction with the facilitator! Yes

We have live interactive sessions. You can mail me your questions in advance. You will get the invite.

Additional support – Facebook group support. You have an option to join the Facebook group. You can post your questions. And they would be answered over a post or video

Dear Friend, I am Saravanan

Though I am certified in NLP, Hypnosis, and Regression I would dedicate most of my learning to the experience gained from working with more than thousands of students and clients. 

I am thankful for the trust they had reposed in me and together we have co-created a marvelously better life. 

In the last 25 years of my working experience with groups, and individuals in private and organizational settings; in Global Organizations like GE Healthcare, Novartis, and Sanofi I have realized that when you develop the inner power to handle what happens inside you, the power over external situations increase naturally. Not the other way about.

This program contains the most effective frameworks and practices that will help you break free from your own inner blocks and inner resistances. This will give you power and freedom to become stress and anxiety free naturally. 

If you are wondering how to reduce stress, this course gives you negativity clearance processes with stress release techniques.

Stress Release Techniques with Negativity Clearance processes

You will be able to succeed with ease when you clear the inner resistance to change that operates within you. This course comes with a powerful framework that can help you find the root cause of certain inner challenges and tools to become free of them.

For example, Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to develop one new healthy habit? May it be waking up early, journaling, sticking to a new exercise regimen, or wanting to adapt to a healthy diet…it becomes so difficult. Why?

Your brain, neural chemistry is tuned and trained to stick to the old habits of thinking, doing, behaving, and responding compulsively.

This is one reason why you at times argue or burst out with anger and then get yourself filled with guilt!

Or you may have to avoid certain food, but ended up having the same unhealthy food or binge eating!

When you can successfully do what you really want to do you get what you really want?

This course empowers you with the power to do what you deeply desire to do.

What is Stress and how to overcome stress?

Stress exists as the Gap between

What you want and what you have

What you do and what you want to do

More the gap, the more the stress. To overcome stress, you need to reduce this gap.

You need Stress Management techniques that are simple to learn and effective enough to help you to relieve stress quickly!

Stress Management techniques with How to Succeed Tools in this course equips you for a lifetime with the skills and tools to

Identify and resolve the inner block that stops you from changing

Create a conscious goal and plant it in your subconscious

Techniques and practices to still the mind in as less as 3 minutes. You can practice them anyplace anytime.

While most people keep wondering how to reduce stress...

...they confuse the stress release process with entertainment activities!

Most entertainment activities agitate the mind as emotions are deeply and highly activated with less bodywork.

Very few people know that the still mind is a relaxed and focused mind.

A still calm mind stays focused and at ease. A Still mind achieves more

This Program comes with seven different practices that can help you still your mind anytime anyplace. The beauty is none around you may even know that you are practicing something.

In addition, there is recorded

Learn to 'Succeed Stress-Free' -  a '3 in 1' Program

1. You understand the root cause and make yourself free from the root cause. This makes you cultivate powerful healthy habits with the least inner resistance.

2. You will learn techniques that can take you to a deep alpha or even theta states of consciousness, which can relax and help instantly

3. When you learn all these three things happen

First, you can get freedom from negative thoughts – this means that when you keep working with these practices and frameworks mind can automatically generate positive thoughts in any situation. This is one quality that differentiates successful leaders in business and politics. They can stay focused and deal with any situation effectively and positively.

Second, You can create a calm focussed, and the most efficient flow state at will. No matter what you do and where you are you can access your most efficient state within a few seconds. 

Three, We have a guided NLP process that will help you to anchor your most efficient state with the new habits and lifestyle to desire of. this will empower you as goal achievement becomes easy and cool. 

When you achieve your goals at ease, the gap between what you want and what you get diminishes.

The gap between your aspired state and your current state disappears.

The gap between what you deeply want to do and what you actually want to do narrows.

So you can convert your deep thoughts and action plans into real action, with the least resistance.

Stress disappears naturally.

You can create wealth and health and attract healthy relationships into your life with ease.