How to overcome exam fear 

train the brain

To Focus on studying for Exams
To Prepare for Board Exams 
To Become more Responsible
To Study with more Focus

Join the Favorite premier institution or Career with ease

Webinar Study with more Focus, Joyfully with the Power of NLP

Sunday - 9.00 - 12.00 AM
Fee: INR 199/- Only

Each and every one has the desire to grow, excel and Contribute. 

Yet there is an inner resistance built over a period, since childhood. 

When this unconscious resistance is dissolved focus, concentration, responsibility flower naturally


I am Saravanan, NLP Master Practitioner, Psychologist, Life Coach 

In the last 15 years I have trained thousands of students achieve excellence in studies by helping them excel in exams by studying efficiently, getting rid of exam fear, improving memory, etc.,.

In the three hours this Sunday, I will show you how Becoming a Super Student becomes Super Easy 

I will guide to

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind to study and prepare for board exams with more focus
  • Remove subconscious fear and aversion to studies
  • Create an effective state that will help focus even on subjects and topics that are hard
  • Learn to anchor to the most productive state that will help stay focused avoiding distractions and temptations

3 Key Learnings for Reprograming the Mind for Academic Excellence

Positive Internal Communication: Power charge internal communication to create positive states of mind with a Framework and practice to convert every negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

The ZEN of Time Management -  A master frame work to make the best of time every day at school, home and personal study hours

To Create and Be in the most effective state to study with focus: 30 Minute of Anchoring process which is based on the most scientific Neuroplastic research the Hall Mark of NLP Reprograming, with guidance.

All that needs to be done after that is 'Seven Minutes a Day' Everyday - Strengthening practice

Why NLP? The little known secret of NLP is that it helps you to access and be in the 'FLOW STATE'

'Flow state' is a state where you are the most effective with least effort.

The most successful people in all walks of life are able to be in the flow state for long time effortlessly. 

Imagine how effective study hours will become and how easy exams will become when one can anchor oneself to the 'Flow State'. 

The most successful students be in the flow state for a long period of time.

To prepare for board exams is not just about studying for more number of hours suppressing your compulsive behaviors that distracts and makes one indulge in social media, chatting with friends.

To prepare well and write exams with ease and perfection one should master to be in this flow state. 

In this program creating and anchoring to the flow state happens with guidance.

All that is then needed is regular 7 minutes of practice every day to strengthen the anchor. This will help to

  • Focus and Concentrate for long hours despite distractions
  • Become more accountable and responsible, fearlessly
  • Eliminate Study and Exam Fear
  • Improve memory and Recall
  • Excel in studies
  • Score high to get admission into the dream College, University or the dream Company with more ease, joy and happiness

Most children struggle between their own inherent desire to study and a type of inner resistance to study. This resistance gets developed over a period of time, usually due to excessive expectations and external pressure. This shows up as inertia within most students. NLP can help to by pass this inner resistance and create a new neural structure and chemistry. Sign up Now