How to Connect with God

A Free, Short Course on Creating a calm Internal State, A State that can help one can progressively Connect with God

 How to pray to God?

What is God? 

How to get powers from God?

 Why God is not helping me?

How to experience God?

 How to talk to God so he listens?

 How to listen so God can talk?

A video Introduction

Guided Practice Tool

Short Notes Section  

How to Connect with God - A video guided Practice tool 

How to connect with God?

Connecting with the supreme happens when one goes beyond just wishful thinking and wanting. When you create a state that is in sync with existence, the connection naturally happens. I invite you start off with this 10 minute daily practice 

'No books or intellectual knowledge can bring you to me?' - Sri Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita

"The knowledge one gains by reading and listening is lower knowledge. The knowledge on gains by practice and experience is the higher knowledge - The Vedanta

When it comes to creating a strong deeper connection with God, practice is the most preferred and effective way 

Of the many practices given in Yoga and Vedanta, practice that involve the body, sound and breath are more powerful. This short 15 minute practice can help you create a calm internal state that will be conducive for internal growth and life enhancement.

How to Pray to God, So I get real help?

How do I connect with the one that I cannot sense directly?

How does one connect with that which is existent and non-existent?

I can see all that has a form. How Can I see the formless?