Welcome to Family Therapy, Relationship Counselling with Deep healing! I can help you rediscover joy and happiness before the quality of relationships becomes dysfunctional.


I am Saravanan, Wellness & Relationship Coach. I am a certified Hypnotherapist. I invite you to reflect on the following:

Are break-ups and the search for new partners becoming a painful norm in your life?

Do you sense frequent arguments, misunderstandings, and emotional outbursts increasing in intensity, and frequency and sabotaging your relationships?

Are you experiencing toxic emotions and anger, the moment you think of certain people who are closely related to you at the office and at home?

Is your love life becoming lifeless and dry? Are disinterest, dissatisfaction, and fatigue dominating your sexual life? 

Are you experiencing less permission to be intimate which eventually shows us as  judgemental statements, hate, and anger

Do you feel that jealousy, possessiveness, and insecurity marring your relationship quality?

If your answer is Yes, to one or more of the above questions, it could be the right time to seek help and heal and become happier, 

Before your family falls under the category 'Dysfunctional' 


Before your children become aware of your relationship issues and start wondering why they came into your life!
Before you find yourself in the presence of a lawyer
Before your neighbors, relatives, and people whom you do not want start interfering and commenting about your life
Before breaking up becomes a painful pattern and you end up frustrated with multiple relationship failures

Welcome to happy relationships  with 

Deep healing

Why Deep Healing is required for breaking recurrent failures in relationships? 

The answer is straightforward! 

Because you should not end up with questions like

How did I end up with this type of person? 

Why does it happen to me, always?

Why do I hate the same person with whom I wanted to share my entire life?

Karmic Imprints, Life Scripts, Programing, conditioning...or whatever name you give it.Unless the unconscious past is healed and de-cathected...Life can happen in a recurrent pattern and you may call it fate.

Yes, the effect of the past and your current relationship, can interfere with your future relationships also, unconsciously. 

Unless the root cause is healed, partners may change or time will pass by and you will become old, but the quality of relationships may not become positive. 

Children can be wealthier, more successful, and more educated than their parents, but rarely happier than their parents. 

This could be because of the existence of an unconscious block, guilt and lack of permission to become happier. This could result in over-compensating in other areas of life, work, food, quest for multiple relationships and unhealthy addictive habits

Do you know! 

Why self-help books, advice, reflection or normal counseling do not yield long-term results?

Because the root cause of pain and misunderstanding in relationships could be, elsewhere, unknown to the conscious mind.

Early Childhood Experiences - Having been brought up in a dysfunctional family system. Having been subjected to or have been a witness to physical or verbal abuse

Gender discrimination issues that were faced within the family, school, and/or society. 

Degree permission and meanings associated with touch, being intimate and close based on deep beliefs in the family system is carried on for generations, unconsciously. This affects intimacy and bonding.

Attachment patterns of trust- distrust developed since infancy

The quality of relationships and love your parents or adult couples who influenced your life when you were less than 12 years old

Bullying, Abuse, and shaming experiences, in school also shape the psyche and functioning of the mind determining level of permission you give to trust yourself and others.

Excess psychological responsibility and workload that could have been loaded since childhood.

Inner resistance, self-protection, and self-criticism patterns developed as a result of being forced to defend oneself all alone due to a lack of emotional, financial, or physical support as a child

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