What is Family Constellation?

How do our ancestors influence who we are today?

What is family constellation therapy?

How do our ancestors influence us?

Children may be richer or more educated than their parents. But they are rarely happier than their parents

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Are you experiencing the following in your family line: Your family, extended family, grandparents, Ancestors...

Recurring Patterns

Failure, loss in business, property, stuckness inertia in business, litigations, violence - agitation - deep sadness in your system - relationships that are entangles, lack of trust, freedom with no solution

Unexpected Death

Death of loved ones, Terminal illness, Separation - Grief - Loss; Divorce Displacement of location, evil effects suspected to be curses, energy, abortion - miscarriage, still born, mental retardation etc

Addictive Habits

Excessive compulsive habits, substance abuse of one or few family members including extended family members could be sign of a deeper suppressed pain, anger, frustration, guilt - You can realign

Deep Within most families have secrets which everyone tends to protect, unconsciously; the secrets could be dark; a secret that could consume you and your family for generations

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What is Family Constellation?

How does our ancestors influence who we are today?

What is family Constellation Therapy?

How do our ancestors influence us?

What is Family Constellation?

Family is held together by a bond of energy in a field. 

Family with its ancestors form a cohesive energy field.

The happiness, joy, pain, trauma, are usually carried through generations as energy patterns.

Extreme pain and trauma in one generation may affect generations as the influence is deep and large.

Family constellation is a way to explore and realign with the field with a sense of surrender and respect.

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What is family Constellation Therapy? 

Family Constellation therapy is a process that can unearth, explore and bring deep unconscious family secrets that suppress growth and progress to the surface and resolve 

Mostly tightly held secrets could be the following in your family, your extended family or in your ancestral family line

Physical Abuse, verbal abuse - You could have been subjected to or you could have been a witness to this

Suppression of Femininity - Gender based suppression, lack of freedom

Painful Childhood including physical verbal abuse, poverty, hunger, death - grief - separation

Misuse of power by current or ancestors which can show up as psychological pain, disease (Physical pain) in the current generation

Genetic manifestation in form of mental retardation- emotional issues, physical illness

And much more


The good news is 

You can explore and resolve them in Altered states of consciousness, consciously with Family constellations therapy
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How do our ancestors influence us? 

The Sun is a star. The Sun holds the planets together with an invisible force. Astrology deals with the influence planets have on you.

What is family constellation therapy?

Family constellation deals with the forces the stars are held together.

Every family is a constellation of stars represented by each member. 

No one can be excluded. In a way there is no death or time. 
Forces that operate in the family field run through generations. And there is a way to align with them and realign. Family constellation is all about this.

How do our ancestors influence who we are today? Dead or alive, If you are wondering how do our ancestors influence us today, may be you should realize that there is a deeper connect that influences continuously as your body and emotions holds them within deep. You carry the energetic patterns, beliefs carried by your ancestors a few generations back. Epigenetics study shows that impact caused in one generation from affect up to seven generations. Family Constellation is a process to resolve deeply held wounds and secrets that lie unconscious seeking resolution

What you will gain from Family Constellations

Become free from recurrent patterns that unconsciously drive your life - More happiness, Joy and health. 

Dissolve the unconscious barriers that stop intimacy in relationships affecting bonding and free flow of communication, closeness

Create more wealth. Dissolve energetic blocks and Grow your business profitably - Yes Every Business has a Soul too.