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Equip yourself with the existential wisdom on 

Who Am I? - Where did I come from? - Where will I go?

Right Self Knowledge Self Awareness 

Foundations of  Emotional Intelligence 

Right Self Knowledge and Self Awareness that can help you get rid of inner fear and insecurity

With Right Self Knowledge

You can sense fear and Anxiety and still not be overwhelmed by them  

You sense anger within and yet respond appropriately without suppressing the emotion of anger  

You can take right decisions in any given situation

Welcome to Vairaagya, One Year Meditative Lessons Program on Self Knowledge - Self Awareness - Emotional Intelligence from the most Ancient Psychology offered to mankind

In one year learn and integrate the deepest mystical spiritual knowledge of the Ancients 

Open yourself to deep inner security - Unconditional Joy, Success

As you get rid of Fear - Anxiety - Insecurity 

The Universal Knowledge that has helped millions discover their true self for over Thousands of Years

Vairaagya - Emotional Intelligence of a different kind.

Discover - Integrate Spiritual Intelligence lessons from Ancient masters: The Secrets of The Mind - Life - After Life - Karma - God, Death - Birth - Rebirth

Discover and Connect with your true self - Right Self Knowledge to Experience 'Real Freedom' 




What will you get from the One Year Online Course

365 Meditation Lessons by Email  

Lessons of the Ancients, Delivered One day at a time for one year. 

24 Live Online Meditation Classes 

8 AM - 9 AM, every 1st and 3rd Sunday to deepen your practice 

Video Guided Contexts 

Contextual Videos of the lessons that will summarize learnings every fortnight

Guided NLP Anchoring Session

An to integrative approach with NLP help you achieve your goals

If you wish to train your mind and yourself to 

Be unaffected by external situations

Stay focused on your goal without being distracted 

Be calm focused without being pulled into unproductive arguments and discussions that drain your energy

This one year program will progressively equip you with the knowledge that can train your mind with the deepest existential wisdom that will help you discover and stay connected with your 'Real Self'. 

Discover, connect with yourself and your significant others : Deep Interpersonal Relationships

Joy, Freedom and Happiness with expansive relationships at 1 Rupee a day - Relationship Lessons From The Ancients - One day at a time - Vairaagya

If you are wondering to reduce the outer search and turn inwards 

Daily Practical guidance from Upanishads, Vedanta could be a choice

Discover answers to the most intriguing existential questions from the secret teachings of Ancient Seers, Masters

Why is that even after so much effort absolute happiness, joy seems to elude me?

How do I get unconditional love, care, respect and happiness?

What is Life and What is after life?

What is death and how to overcome the fear of death?

What happens after death?

How is Life after death and how does rebirth happen?

What is purpose of life and how to find the purpose of life

What is Karma Meaning?

Significance of Karma and how to break free from the recurring patterns of Karma that control life?

Where is God?

Who is God and How to connect with God?

Why this course? Online Meditative Lessons, daily for Meditation!

Thousands of subscribers in a year.

One key differentiator is that the principles have been made simple and practical that can be applied directly. 

The language that can talk to your conscious and unconscious mind directly at the same time.

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365 Days
365 Meditative Lessons of the Ancients

 24 Guided videos

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Karthik Jonnakadla, Bengaluru,

365 Ancient  Meditative Lessons for Success today Subscribe now for INR 432 Including GST

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15 Years of Study and Practice in integrating Indian - Vedic - Mystical Psychological tools with Western Psychological tools

Developed and applied frameworks to weave Vedantic - Yoga psychological tools into daily life

Integrative Approach to Healing and Transformation.

More than 15000 Hours of Coaching and Therapeutic Work experience in facilitating clients explore altered states of consciousness using regression and dynamic Hypnotherapeutic tools

Held Leadership Roles in Global Organizations - GE, Edwards, Sanofi...

MS - Yogic Sciences, Member European Association of Regression Therapists

MS - Psychology

Yes! The most deepest questions on Brahmacharya - Creation of the Self - Atman - Prana - Yoga answered with sublime crystalline clarity direct from the most profound spiritual lessons of the ancient masters.

'Vairaagya' : Emotional Resilience of a different breed 

Knowledge and Practices to still your mind

Why 'One day at a time'?

 One cannot eat for a whole week in a year nor can muscle endurance be developed in one day. 

Similarly deep learning happens in three steps - Reading - Digesting - Integrating. 

This happens effortlessly when you do it one day at a time.

You get the lessons everyday into your mail box. You can read, meditate on the context, integrate one day at a time

The deeper meaning grows within you steadily to gain momentum and energy that will transform

Time to Stop the running, overthinking. Time to become free of the cycle of dejection and rejection. Time to liberate and become free

The time to be still. A time to be yourself. A time to connect with your 'self' - Vairaagya, Learn to connect with yourself - Learn one day at at time

Isn't it time to end the running and

Stop yourself from being pushed from one end to the other?

From One desire to the Next

From One Challenge to the next

From One birth to the Next

Will this seemingly endless cycle ever end 

Life begins when this cycle ends

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Time to Break free of the 'one big lie' that have been thrusted into you...

That Life will be better, After......

You study well, you get good marks, you get into the right college, you get a good job, after you marry, after you have children. one thing that never ends is After....

Do you wish to put an end to this after & start living now, Learn from the teachings of the Ancient Masters

You Could still be wondering why!

At just 1 Rupee a day you get more of the following benefits by subscribing now!

Inner Alignment

Reflections that align the unconscious and conscious; inner voices alignment - one voice

Energy Mastery

Create and Hold high energy within your system; avoid unnecessary unconscious dissipation 

Thought Mastery

Generate thoughts after reflection as you need, rather get entangled in thoughts that just arise


Unconscious competency to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life today.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional stability and protection in situations that can create emotional imbalance

Clarity and Focus

A Still mind sees what is without being unreasonably perturbed in challenging situations

One cannot Meditate - One can Consciously Slip into Meditation

Consciously prepare an inner state with regular guided practice through email 

Sustained right practice creates a still mind: 

A still mind that has the potential to create what is wants to,

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Vairaagya - The Royal Road to Emotional Intelligence. You know it: EQ guarantees Career growth, Success, Financial freedom, Deep Relationships.

Benefits you will derive by mastering Emotional intelligence, EQ, 

with The One year Vairaagya Program

Leadership skills for career Growth and Prosperity

Trust, Security and Intimacy in relationships

Peace of mind and happiness

The ability to achieve a consciously created goal in any sphere of life; professional and personal 

This course weaves the principles of emotional intelligence seamlessly with practices and lessons from the masters who had mastered the art of stilling the mind at will.

Deeper Emotional Intelligence happens, when you learn systematically with existential truths and practice application in real life contexts one day at a time.

Vairaagya - One quality for the easiest way to  create 'mental health

Knowing and Being who you are, even in situations that may overwhelm, tending to derail you

To be balanced and Centered instead of being rolled by flow of emotions

Demands crystal clear clarity, a clarity that liberates

Vairaagya - Expounds the deepest Secrets of the mind that brings about crystal clear clarity

Vairaagya - For Freedom from Fear 

What type of fear or anxiety, would exist within when the primal fear: Fear of Death is Extinguished...

Fear of death strikes even the most learned and evolved - Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

you cannot eliminate the primal fear by thinking, or intellectualizing.

As one grows old, or when one slowly begins to realize that all that one has given freedom and security may bit be the same any longer, what is fear of death.

Overcome this fear by meditating on spiritual truths one day at a time

Overcome fear, insecurity, anxiety and stress, all in one go

Overcome fear, insecurity, anxiety and stress, naturally with frameworks and practices 

Join the One year 'Vairaagya' Online Meditative lessons Program 

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  • Meditation Lessons with contexts from the Sacred Spiritual Secrets from the Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta delivered one day at a time for 365 days by email
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  • The complete 450 Page eBook with the full lessons delivered to you instantly on Day one
  • Once a month, Live Meditation Sessions on specific dates to clarify doubts

Begin your day for the next 365 days with 

Progressive meditative lessons  Delivered to your mailbox

Online Meditative lessons delivered Daily by mail for 365 Days 

You can Meditate and Access Your Inner Stillness 'whenever- wherever' with meditative lessons delivered to your mailbox daily

Spiritual Progress 

With Progressive Practices

Integrate Ancient Wisdom 

Morning Meditations from Vairaagya

Meditations reflections


A sample of one of the Lessons you will get by Mail

Life (Atman) is an intense continuous unmoving activity.




What I perceive- I create

What I create  - I perceive


What manifests in my mind manifests in my life.


The most important question is if what I think manifests,  how come that I am not able to get all that I want?


Yoga for the benefit of understanding relates to three different types of minds.


The conscious - the mind that we consciously use for strategizing, thinking, planning, wishing, wanting etc


The Subconscious - the mind that has the repository of all the memories, experiences, strategies which one applied in the past…the part of the mind that one can access in hypnosis, regression, deep thinking, etc.


The unconscious - the mind that cannot be accessed by the cognitive thinking mind. This also has memories, experiences of the past with past strategies, but they cannot be accessed.


The unconscious is unknown, will remain unknown. The unconscious has the deepest and the largest influence on what happens in one's life. This thus influences what one calls fate.


Man proposes, God disposes of goes the adage.


Yoga says, the conscious mind proposes but the unconscious mind disposes of.


The mind perceives what happens as an experience. It takes full information. As you read this mail, it perceives the color of your dress, the sounds, and colors around you - from the minutest to the subtlest.


All of this information goes to the unconscious too.


When one can completely know what the mind perceives without any judgment or opinion, perception is complete. Then one may develop the power to create 'new' consciously.


How and Why does the unconscious mind wield so much power?


The amount of power one has on his own fate is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of conscious life one has.

Questions to reflect on:


How much of your daily life happens consciously?

How much of daily life happens unconsciously?

How easy it is for you to be conscious of what I do and think?

What does it mean to live life consciously?

What is my definition of conscious life?

How easy or difficult is it for me to be aware of my breath and do my work?



Can one be restful, calm and at the same time awake, aware, perceptive.

For life is described as - 'It moves not, yet it moves it all;

Life is an intense continuous unmoving activity.




Please sit with eyes closed and bring your attention to your breath. As you connect with your breath and be with your breath, become your breath. Stay with the breath with the idea of the Isavaya Upanishad. The breath comes inside and moves out. It is mostly unnoticed. It is the source of life. Its is the basis of life. Can I be with the breath for a few minutes? Yes, thoughts keep arising. Can I experience what it means to come back to the breath? Unconditionally. As you do this connect with the stillness that opens up. Be with it for a few minutes. See if you can practice this at least two or three times during the course of the day.


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Vairaagya, a state of being accurately perceptive of what happens inside you in terms of emotions, thoughts: yet being disentangled is emotional intelligence of a different kind 

Vairaagya, Learn to create still perceptive mind, One day at at time

A still perceptive mind is thus the foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is result deep knowledge of who you are. 

Accurate Self- Awareness and Self Knowledge are the foundations. 

Realize and integrate existential truths about your "Real Self' from the lessons of the ancients