Core Transformation with 

quantum mind mechanics : Hypnosis

Certificate Program in Transpersonal Psychology 

& Altered States of Consciousness - L1

Train your mind to Create a new reality of your choice 

Create More Abundance, Financial Freedom, Success

Reignite joy, love, trust and healthy bonding in relationships

Learn the art of bringing back health and vibrancy

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Create a new reality using Hypnosis, Altered States of Consciousness

5 Unknown facts about creating a new reality that you should know

  • Your brain is the interface between your mind and the body. 
  • Your brain creates your reality based on the information it already has in memory. 
  • Memory is stored as an experience. 
  • Whenever you interact with the environment around you, you perceive what is happening around you by using your experience as the filter.
  • So you see and perceive your reality not ‘as it is but based on ‘what your brain projects.
  • If you desire to create a new reality, you should train your brain to create a new one. 

Based on Quantum Mind Mechanics, spread over 21 hours, the core transformation program is a live, interactive, experiential workshop where you train your mind and brain to create a new reality and make the reality manifest. 

Spread over 90 days with 9 contact classes and plenty of pre-recorded material, this program can help you move ahead with a totally new free mind and neural network to create an amazing new life of your choice. 

Your goal could be to invite and create more abundance-material wealth, financial security, happiness-joy in your relationships, and maybe even to overcome diseases.

I will train you to re-program and re-train your mind, all by yourself, with guidance.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, as humans, we keep creating reality every moment of time.

It is time to create it consciously.

Register now and Join the course.

You will love this skill. It is a skill for Life.

What will you learn:

Core Modules

1. Altered States of Consciousness - The Subconscious Mind

States of the mind

Laws of Suggestibility

How is the mind programmed?

Mind – Body link

Modes of Mental operations

Practices to create a hypnotic state

Programming For self- Hypnosis

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional awareness – Being aware of emotions and emotional triggers

Emotional Management – Managing Emotions without getting entangled

Emotional Regulation – Regulate, redirect, and diffuse emotional energy

Emotional Resilience – Being able to be the way you want to be in challenging situation

Emotional Mastery – Practices for Emotional Mastery

Thought Mastery Module


To identify and stay free of negative recurring thoughts

Practices to slow the mind for thought awareness

Identifying the roots of compulsive thought patterns

Isolating and decoding deeper beliefs and opinions

Reframing thoughts

Integrating emotional intelligence to Generate Positive thoughts

Acting through Positive Thoughts

Communication to Influence 

Goal – Speak so others listen, and listen, so others speak

Creating a communicating presence

Active listening - Identifying filters, staying free

Emotional awareness and thought awareness

Influence and persuade

Creating a new Reality with NLP, Hypnosis

Understanding how the brain perceives and Creates reality

Learn thoughts and emotions impact the body and behavior

Roots of attitude beliefs and perceptions

Neural Mechanics of thoughts and creating a new internal reality

Fundamentals of Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellation

Harnessing the Quantum mind for a new Reality

Quantum mind Mechanics

Fundamentals of Goal Setting

Sensory programming of the new reality

Learning to create a new reality

Creating a new reality with guidance

Programming the unconscious 

Program facilitator

Sarvanan, Coach 

Life - Business - Wellness 

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Past Life Regression Therapist 

Yoga Therapist 

Crystal and Energy Healer 

Specialized in Parapsychology and Metaphysical processes

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