the 90 day personal Mastery Program with inner transformation  


This is Saravanan.

I am a life coach.

My endeavor is to help you enhance the quality of your life in every aspect that matters the most to you. 

Your goal could be inner growth, material growth, creating more wealth, finding deeper meaning in relationships etc.

Fundamentally the three cornerstones human endeavors are

Material abundance - Inviting more physical and financial wealth into your life so you are independent and free.

Fulfillment of desires - Desire to have sensual pleasure, Intellectual growth, material growth, desire to experience peak blissful experiences.

Execution of one’s responsibilities to the fullest satisfaction of oneself and others - Excelling in the current life situation in a way that helps you and those around you, to live an enhanced quality of life in every sphere.

Most important is that the above three goals have to be obtained in a way that liberates you. 

This means that achievement of these goals have to be in a way that these goals do not constrict life.

As you see that all the three goals are interlinked.

Hence our actions have to happen in a rhythmic synchronized manner so you feel accomplished fully and not partly.

Today most of us have would have achieved most of what we deeply desired. 

Yet life as an expansive liberating blissful experience has happened only for a few moments. 

Most of the time life is experienced as a constrictive - energy consuming process.

We work, we create relationships, we contribute with a goal of becoming more happy. 

Yet what we sought and got does not give us that sustained happiness and accomplishment and the search, yearning seems to continue. For most it wanes as one grows older as energy drops and health deteriorates.

We seem to be programmed with the statement in Alice in Wonderland, ' You have to keep running as fast as you can so you can at least be in the same place'. 

This may not work as deep within the question is how much more should I run and for how long

Most of my clients and students come for Coaching, Therapy, Yoga to enhance the quality of their life experience in each of these areas.

Vacuum in life manifests in many forms:

  • Wanting to be more, to know more, to explore more - the deep desire and longing to know the depth of life.
  • Having achieved it all or having lived life so far, the question comes, ‘what next?’. When will the search end
  • Some clients also come because they seem to have lost hope or have a sense that they have not got anything in life so far. Even here the desire that has inched them forward is the deep desire to experience life to the fullest, corrupted.

The seeking is thus to ‘ Experience and Live to the core’

What after Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy - Regression - Coaching?

While One - on - One session will do wonders and liberate you from deeply held emotional blocks, limiting unconscious beliefs etc that hold you captive: the deeper questions may still linger around.

  • What do I do now?
  • How do I deal with situations and people around?
  • How do I interact with people around?

Most challenges in life happen due to three major reasons:

Emotional imbalance: Situations in life and our daily interaction with people around throws us off balance. It takes time to restore. And by the time I restore most of the damage has been done.

So the question is How to handle my emotions when I interact with people and situations around me that happen regularly?

Unconscious thoughts that keep running and dissuading me most of the time 

How to manage the negative, recurring thoughts that keep running in my mind?

Divided mind that Dissipates energy continuously rendering one feel drained, exhausted either after a day or after a certain age. 

3 Goal of the Program:

Emotional intelligence that leads to emotional balance, emotional resilience, equanimity so you get back to your center quick enough to handle situations appropriately.

Thought Mastery Staying away from inappropriate thoughts, converting key thoughts to positive - goal directed thoughts

Energy Mastery Creating conscious goals and directing life energy to achieve goals in line with principles of existence. 

Goal achievement in all the three areas 

As you master all the three you would be able to move towards excellence in

  • Material abundance

  • Fulfillment of desires in all forms

  • Execute responsibilities so that you feel more accomplished, liberated and free

And above all to be able to attain all above three with ‘Spiritual Growth’ is the fundamental aspect.

Key features of the 90 day transformation program:

  • 70-75% activities for application of learning

  • Real life application Assignments to start applying learning from day 1

  • Practices that can give strength, develop skill to stay focused on the overall goal

We will be using an experiential group process method so it is essential to be fully present in all the sessions to get maximum benefits of the sessions.

It is live experience that consolidates, integrates and makes learning ‘Complete’ 

The processes in the group coaching have been designed to make this happen. 


  • Nine Contact Sessions of 2.30- 3.00 Hours each

The Session dates are

  • 27th November
  • 4th, 25th December
  • 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th January
  • 5th and 12th of February

Time 9.30 AM- 12.00 PM IST

Fee Structure:

Option 1 - One On One Hypnotherapy session and Nine Group sessions - INR 15000 Paid Upfront.

Option 2 - Nine group sessions - INR 9000 Paid Upfront or INR 12000 paid in two installments.

Additional One On One sessions Optional as follows:

Hypnosis or Regression sessions One On One - 7500 per session.

Coaching sessions - One On One - INR 3000 per session

Program Delivery:

  • Zoom Sessions - Recordings of the Presentation and Framework explanation would be provided. Group discussions and sharing will not be provided as they would be confidential.
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and Recorded lectures.

Key Learning:

  • Emotional Intelligence:
  • Thought Management
  • Basics of Communication 
  • Communication in Relationships 
  • Experiencing various states and aspects of the mind - Practices for Mind mastery
  • Creating Life Goals with frameworks to reflect the process and progress
  • Being better with your body - Listening to your body and integrating the body into the process of transformation.


Emotional balance so you manage emotions healthily overcoming stress, anxiety, fears and get the right direction

Healthy Relationships - Relate with your own inner self with better understanding, and also develop more trust and bonding with those around you.

Healthy Body - Keeping your body healthy and vibrant so that your body supports your growth and progress. What manifests in the mind is what manifests as disease in the body.  Regular practice and application of the principles can help you reclaim your connection with your body and emotions and restore vibrancy and vitality.

Spiritual Growth - An initiation into a practice process of self discovery, inner alignment and growth with the natural spiritual principles of existence. Excellence in external, social life as a function of spiritual growth.

Goal Achievement: The training is focused on helping your achieve consciously created goals with more ease and comfort, without being distracted by external influences; and be happy during the process of goal achievement and also after attainment of the goal.

Your goal could be creating more wealth, building happy relationships, recharge - reignite your love life: better health, recovering from diseases, etc. All of these begins with mind mastery.

This program is to help learn the principles of mind mastery so you master your life.

I once again welcome you to this program.

Please write to me in What's up call me at +91-8754480667 if you need to get more clarifications and join the program.

Thank You,


15 years experience in Coaching, Training, Consulting in Individual, Group, Family and Organizational settings.

Specializations and Accreditations: 

Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Psychodrama, Family Constellations, Coaching

European Association of Regression Therapists, Netherlands

International Association of Group Processes, Switzerland


Past Life Regression Academy UK.