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Natural way to overcome stress, anxiety, depression without medication and medicine related side effects

Stress Relief

Anxiety, Fear



OCD, Bipolar

Insomnia, Addiction

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Psychotherapy can help you overcome issues related to 

Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Fear and other Dysfunctional Emotional issues

Relationship Challenges with partners, spouse, children, colleagues

Lack of Joy and Happiness in life

Negative thinking, Lack of Confidence, Low Self esteem,

Relief from Past Trauma, childhood trauma. abuse 

Excessive involvement in social media and digital world

Marital and Pre- Marital challenges

Integrated Psychotherapy

A safe confidential space 

 Express, Share, Locate - Isolate - Heal, Reflect 

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Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling

Personal Sessions: Group Sessions: Online Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Couples, Pre-marital Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Behavior Modification Programs, Integrated Natural Approach to Anxiety - Depression - Bipolar Disorder - OCD - Schizophrenia and related Psychological Conditions


MS Psychology, Yogic Sciences, Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling 

Integrated natural approach to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, fear, phobia without medication or side effects related to medicine.

If you wish to resolve your psychological challenges without medications then you should explore this option