Do you know that Yoga is becoming the most popular and trusted tool to overcome psychological problems? 

This is because regular yoga practice brings the chemical imbalance in your system back to balance. 

Do You know the most common reason for psychological problems is an imbalance in the neurochemistry of the system. In the next few minutes, I will show you how exactly this happens.

I will also show you the difference between how Yoga approaches psychological challenges and how a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist would approach

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Would you like to know the most effective way to overcome psychological challenges naturally?

Would you like to know the exact cause of any psychological problems? It may be anxiety, depression, OCD etc...

Are you interested to know the difference between a psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

I will explain it all to you if you spend just a few minutes now!

psychiatrist - Psychologist

Discover the Secret to Overcoming Psychological Problems

 with Least Side Effects of Medications 

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Psychiatrist and Psychological Counselling: How to overcome Psychological challenges naturally without side effects?

When it comes to overcoming the most common psychological challenges like OCD, Insomnia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Attention deficit disorder, Anxiety, Fear, Bipolar disorder the most common worry is the worry of side effects of the medications. 

Many patients around the world are also looking for alternative methods of treatment with counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy etc., to overcome the challenges.

This eBook is all about how to stop suffering and start living

A Layman's Guide to Overcoming Psychological Challenges with least or no Side effects - Natural Alternatives - eBook

What is inside the eBook for you!

How the mind really works and the origin of psychological problems?

How to resolve Childhood trauma, loss of loved ones - death or separation, accidents, recurrent failures, etc.,

How Can Ayurveda and Yoga therapy help?

Difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist

What is Hypnotherapy and how hypnosis help?

 Conditions where hypnosis cannot help

What a clinical Psychologists do?

How Psychological counselling and Psychotherapy help?

What are the various methods in psychotherapy?

The most common side effects of psychiatric medications.

How natural methods like yoga , Ayurveda, acupuncture, massage help?

Saravanan, Certified Psychologist - Hypnotherapist

Accredited GHSC, UK, Past Life Regression Academy UK, European Association of Regression Therapists, Netherlands, NLP - Richard Bandler. Psychodrama, International Association for Group Process, Switzerland

PGCBM, XLRI, MS Psychology, MS Yogic Sciences. IYA QCI - India

15 Years Experience

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If you are serious about transforming your life, an integrated approach to overcoming psychological challenges, naturally can help to 

Boost Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Overcome negative patterns, recurrent failures, loss

Freedom from negativity, fear, Phobia, and panic

Heal and rebuild relationships, bring more love and joy into life 

Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Phobia, OCD etc.,

How can Integrated approach help you?

If you are wanting to solve compatibility or trust issues in a relationship; If you are wondering how to achieve financial freedom or if the question is how to heal inner child trauma, choose an integrated approach

Heal Deep Relationships Issues, and Invite Love and Intimacy into your life. Break recurring patterns in relationships, resolve anger, hatred, possessiveness, and other attachment issues

Helps to Heal the negative relationship with money. Helps overcome Challenges in Financial Growth. Helps to break recurrent failures, debts, and Financial Loss. Create more wealth at ease

Freedom from Negative Supernatural caused by others or self. Heal past karmic issues. Hypnotherapy can help to overcome negativity, jealousy, or negative energetic influences caused by self and others.