Tending to the Light: Real Light, Real Life 

As I was tending the wick as I lighted the lamp...many thoughts came 

'How nice would it be if the light burns continuously, on it own, without any effort from my end ?'

Many thoughts followed

'If not, I need to keep changing the wick as the tip may get burnt by the fire of the light. I need to monitor the level of the oil in  the lamp. I need to clean the lamp, the glass and the space should be clean. The oil sticks and so is the dirt that accumulates.  I need to be regular and committed. Committed to attend to keep the light, lighted continuously' 

It is easy to maintain a light powered by electricity. All I need is to wire it right once, fit it and I can do my work it is easy. It serves my purpose of using the light and do other work. 

Yet, when it comes to lighting 'life' a candle or an oil lamp is required even when we have a hundred electrical bulbs.

Real life, like light needs attention. 

If not life gets wasted. Mechanical. Dead.

What does it mean to have a bunch of plastic flowers in a vase. 

Buy it. Arrange it. Wash it regularly, dry it, arrange it. It is done.

To grow a real plant needs more attention.

Real plant gives oxygen. Real plant is life.

Life needs attention.

Attention is life.

Life lived without attention leads to disease. Disease of the body and mind. Relationships that are not at ease.

Yoga happens when I pay attention to and integrates what happens within me and take it into my work. The routine is no longer a daily routine. It becomes life.

I will miss the essence of yoga when I use it as a stand alone routine. Then life after that becomes a routine.

Goal manifests when I attend to the goal, meticulously.

If not something else still happens, as per old pattern.

So paying attention and becoming conscious is not a choice, because if I do not attend to tending light, light will go off. It would be darkness that would result.

So is health in every aspect.

Not just about what happens to the body.

Not about what the other is doing or behaving.

All about how did I make my life like what it is now?

All about what did I do to make my relationships as it is now?

All about how did I create my son or daughter the way they are now?

What were my inner strategies?

What has manifested as life for me is a creation of my own? 

This includes manifestations and accomplishments that I am proud of and those I am afraid to even look at, leave alone accepting.

When I surrender to this reality then I will tend to life more consciously.

To tend to life consciously, let me light the fire and keep it lighted.

It needs efforts, but that is life.

When this becomes so, life happens.

That is what I deeply desire for.

I want life to happen to me.

Stay Lighted from This Diwali